Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Banned From Wearing Rosary At School

Linked to gangs??

What is wrong with school administrators today?  Have they lost their minds?
Would they tell a Muslim girl to take off her head cover?? If gangs were wearing them?  I don't think so!!
Fremont Public Schools said the district has no problem with students wearing jewelry or clothing to express their faith, but rosaries are an exception.


  1. WTFO??? I cannot believe that... sigh

  2. So I guess is, if a gang wears a bandana, all people couldn't? If a gang wears a earing? A necklace? A wrist band? I mean, ignore the issue and convict the innocent!
    Another example of supposedly highly educated people having not one stitch of common sense!!
    I am seeing it more and more!

  3. Yep... Cen Tex Tim has one on his blog right now that is just as bad...