Sunday, October 30, 2011

Boring Post of the Week

I just have to share this with the world. My mom, who is 84 and lives 3.5 miles away, mailed me a letter I received at her home. I am pretty sure she is sending me a message that my busy life is intruding into my visits with her.

What was in the letter you ask? It was a 40th year Reunion party for my Catholic Grade School. I spent 8 years at St. Pius the 10th or St.Pius X in Broomall as a child. I can still remember the IHM nuns and teachers I had every year. My invite was sent from an old friend, Mike Brennan. I haven't seen Mike since our 25th reunion, but I always smile when I think of him. He is a truly great guy. I am always sorry we didn't stay closer. But family first, and God knows I am always busy with just that.
So I sent my RSVP back to the Chairwoman, her name being Sue Fitzpatrick Bull. Sue and I were "walkers"back in the day. No bus for us, we walked up hill both ways in snow from September to June. For 8 straight years. I used to see her at the corner of Hastings and Sussex. Then into school we would walk.

I had some good times and some scary times in grade school. Clapping erasers, running on the blacktop after AJ, getting in fights with Greg, Bill and some others. Steve Stoner knocking me out in boxing class, with Sister Marita Baboon picking me up and telling me to keep my right up. Ice skating behind the gym. Kissing some classmates at the summer dances. Flipping baseball cards, girls in knee socks, Bernadette versus Denise, milk money, candy money and pretzel days. How about a class trip that consisted of a 4 miles walk around the school. 4 or 5 guys climbed the quarry and made it back quicker and each received the Board Of Education from Mother Augusta.(Bold Brazen Boys!) Safety picnic, alter boy picnics with later prosecuted pervert Father Brennan.(No relation to my friend Mike, I'm pretty sure!??!) Singing happy birthday to old Father Dowd to get a day off. Being in class the day President Kennedy was killed, and not understanding why the nuns were crying. (1st grade) Going 2 whole years putting the flag up and taking it down. Serving every 6:30 AM mass in 8th grade. (Then the nuns loved me)


  1. But they MUST have left an impression :-) And a pretty strong one at that... LOL

  2. A dent in my far head, and scar on my hand, left quite an impression. I don't cross the street if gangbangers are on the corner, but I steer clear of IHM nuns.