Friday, October 7, 2011

For The Motorcycle Crowd!

I was at a Friends of NRA dinner weeks ago in Bucks County, PA. I of course go there for guns and gun like equipment, right?  Well usually you are right, but in this case on the table of the silent auction was a Tom-Tom GPS and weighted mat for the dashboard. Because I like to get things started on silet auctions, I grabbed a pen and started to write my name in on many items. A belt buckle, a ammo box, the GPS, a knife, a blanket, etc., etc. In most cases I was the first person on the sheet to bid, all items had a low to reasonable minimum bid, so I started there. Guess what?  I ended up with the GPS, Belt buckle and Ammo box because no one else bid. DUH!!!!  Ouch, uh oh!!

So the belt buckle went in my bedroom drawer, the ammo box was put to good use, and the GPS??
I wanted to mount it on the bike.  And I did!!  It is not a made for Motorcycle GPS, so I bought a handlebar mount and plastic zippered container at Amazon for a whopping 11 bucks.(Free Shipping)
It took less than 10 minutes to get it mounted and up and running, but the true test on any good rumbling Harley is on the road. A couple of trips back and forth to work, different way each day, and I was hooked!  It was fun, and my gloved fingers worked OK through the clear plastic cover of the zippered case. I plugged the cigerette lighter plug into my outlet on the fairing lower left! (Love that it is there) So I will let you know the first time I use it for a destination I need it. I have no plans for a trip to anywhere I don't already know pretty well, but I feel better knowing I have the GPS available for workarounds.

Arkon GPS032

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