Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Funny Questions

Yesterday I rode my motorcycle to work as I tend to do. We have about 150 new people in the building as transfers have happened. Closing one building and consolidating space. Now for 15 years I have parked my bike in the same 2 spots. They are in front of the emergency generator and reserved for compact cars, but I am usually in one of them.  Only 1 other guy parks his bike here, since we are the only 2 who ride to work with any regularity. But with new people comes new habits. Lately all the spaces have been gone by the time I get in. People are parking SUVs and not compacts in those spaces.
So I park where I can, and then wait. I look out my window and when the lunch riot happens, and they drive out to lunch, I grab one of the parking spaces. You might think they would catch on, but nooooo.

So a newbie says to me, "Guess you'll be putting the bike away for the winter soon?"

Nope, I say. I ride all year. I have the gear, it's only 17 miles one way, and I know where the ice tends to form.
The answer I got back was priceless!!  "You're crazy!" 

Shrug shoulders, walk away!!

If I have to explain, they wouldn't understand!!

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