Sunday, October 23, 2011

Great Little Find

John Longenecker understands kinda

Why do a majority of states agree with the second amendment and affirming of the armed citizen? It is a difference in values and integrity. The health of the second amendment is the primary indicator of the overall health of the nation. You can forecast how officials will treat America by the way it treats gun owners. For instance, those forty-eight states respect their citizens by respecting their latitude in how they travel armed and safer when in the absence of police. Remember that an armed citizen carries a loaded sidearm because a policeman is too heavy. Remember that where the armed citizen is, so the law is also. These are your greatest allies of law enforcement, and this friendship irks the statists.

John mentions the "48 States" who respect the 2nd amendment, but he needs to know that real gun friendly states differ from the ones we know are not truly free.  Maryland is not free, New York is not free, New Jersey is hardly free, California is no way near free, Hawaii is far from free, Illinois is out completely. So I can count 6 real fast that don't respect me or my rights. But we are knocking them down, and winning slowly!


  1. Slowly but surely...Step by step... :-)

  2. I am an impatient man! I also am surrounded by NY, NJ and Maryland!! LOL