Thursday, October 20, 2011

Houston, We Don't Have a Problem Any More

You can’t make this stuff up.  Rickey D. Holtsclaw, a Houston, Texas police officer for almost thirty-two years, was recently forced to retire because of his insistence on enforcing ordinances restricting obnoxious motorcycle noise.  Officer Holtsclaw faced pressure within the Houston police department and from pro-noise motorcyclists to stop enforcing the law.  Officer Holtsclaw received little or no support from elected officials in Houston. 

Holtsclaw decided to start issuing tickets to what he perceived as “loud motorcycles”. After a few months of writing tickets caught the attention of his commanding Patrol Sergeant who ordered him to cease issuing those kinds of tickets. He explained that the law is so vague that it is unenforceable. However, Holtsclaw broke orders and continued on his mission to silence Houston. 

According to Holtsclaw it was the upper levels of the Houston Police Department, Mayor Annise Parker, Houston's City Council, and Houston's Legal Department that forced him into retirement.  
Enjoy your freedom while it lasts Houston, because you know for every one like this guy there is another around the corner just waiting.   

I do not advocate for breaking of any law. I do, however, oppose blatant motorcyclist discrimination like this.



  1. Ah yes... the 'loosely' defined law and enforcement... Glad he's gone.

  2. Hes a hero in my eyes, need more cops more like him

  3. I think we have enough rogue cops out there in the world. LEOs should follow orders, or be dismissed!

  4. Officer Holtsclaw was not forced out not for trying to do his job, it was for disobeying his superiors!
    He claimed to be a Marine, How dare he! And to disobey orders from your superior!
    I have no respect for Police Officers that become Rogue and decide to take the law into their own hands!
    If he was a true Marine he should have listened to his superiors orders. In war time if a Marine had disobeyed he would have been kicked out!

  5. Like Calley?? Like Col. North?

    Marines are only supposed to follow legal constitutional orders. In the real world Jack Nicholson doesn't really believe I can't handle the truth!