Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How a 15 dollar Prime Rib cost me 60 bucks.

Do you ever agree to get together with friends and then end up all splitting the check?
Some of these friends make much more than you do, and they drink like the word hangover doesn't exist. They are empty nesters and have all the time in the world and more time they know what to do with.

If you go out with these folks and someone in the group of 8 says to the waitress, "just put it all on all on the same check."

So you have order an ice tea for $2.25 and drink 2 of them. You order a Prime Rib Special that runs 15 bucks on Thursday nights. The rest of the 7 drink like a bunch of thirsty camels. The bill comes and one of the guys says, "Everyone owes 60 bucks and that will include tip."

Now, even if my ice tea was 5 bucks, I would still owe only $25 including a nice tip.
I paid the $60.  Next time I am getting my own check!  (Although this has happened to me twice.)

What is wrong with me?!?!?



  1. BTDT, with a 'certain' group, I now specify my OWN check for just that reason...

  2. Thanks, that makes me feel better!!

  3. Or, just order and consume like the rest of your party. Then you're paying your fair share.

  4. I don't drink and the bar bill was the biggest part of the check.