Saturday, October 8, 2011

How Do You Choose???

My wife and I are visiting a local gun range to day and hope they will take us on a tour of their facilities. We have 2 relatively close, 15 and/or 17 miles away one north and one south, to visit.
  1. One of them has an indoor pistol range with 6 lanes available until midnight.
  2. One of them serves breakfast every weekend day.  
  3. One is close to my office.
  4. One,the other, is close to my wife's office.
Both of them, in my opinion, are not suffering for members.
  • Both have trap, which is what I want my wife to try.
  • Both have outdoor pistol and rifle ranges, with archery in there, too. (My younger kids might like that)
So today we will visit one today and walk in and say, "We are here to get a tour in order to see if we are interested in joining!"  I am not sure they have that type of question happen often.
I will let you know what happens!!

Updated....... Wife and I went to first one today, it is Delaware County Field and Stream club.
Breakfast and lunch menu.
Plenty of trap and nice Skeet set up.
Cool air gun walking and shooting path, also for archery shooting, but only when no one is shooting trap. (Rains Pellets)
Bathrooms were very clean.
There were plenty of woman shooters there today. (Wife liked that, too)

I did not like that you can not post Male silhouette targets, or even animal silhouette targets.
I did not like that you can NOT carry a weapon in a holster on the property. (A no Gun zone on a gun club?)
I did not like the 5 bullet limit on pistol, rifle and other similar issues.
There was only 1 shooting lane that could be rolled into 7 yards. 1 only.

I came to the conclusion that this is more aimed at hunters than Self Defense folks.
While we were there we walked up to watch a family shooting trap. A wife, husband, their son maybe 11, and one of the parents father. They were nice and let us shoot some trap with a 20 gauge over under. I took 3 shots and my wife shot 3 shots.  (I ruled, she drooled) But she liked it! She was shooting a little over.  But straight over, easy to fix.
So, all and all a good day.  Next weekend we visit the 2nd place!  More on that then!!

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