Sunday, October 23, 2011

In California!!!!

66 year old Grandmother blows away criminal

California had/has an overcrowding problem in the their prisons. Judges declared that that criminals HAD to be released since it wasn't fair that they were living in crowded positions. So the  now dead criminal was released early that very morning. Released in morning, and breaking into a occupied home at night, same day!!! Let's pretend I am a criminal and while breaking into a house I hear a gun shot at me through a window, do I continue to break in??  In this case the answer is yes, and the poor woman shot the idiot in the belly and rightfully killed him.  All this in the GUN HATING state of California!!

It is my hope that there is a line at every gun shop in California today. The line would consist of nothing but woman who are fed up with having no protection, who know that the cops can't always be there. I also hope they get training and build their confidence to shoot.  I then hope that they change the idiotic gun laws in California and sweep a 2nd Amendment craze across the state. 

What say you??


  1. Agreed, THAT is why both my daughters have G19s and Mossy 590s for their homes. I got them those guns years ago, when they were in their early 20s.