Friday, October 14, 2011

Occupy Boston protesters spit on Coast Guard member

Entire story here

Hey, that ain't right. Then the Coast Guard tells the rest of their members to avoid the area?!?!?!
I might be an old Coastie, but as an old boatswains mate, I would be marching down there with some of my Coasties brothers and defending HER honor. I have been in a couple scraps along my way, and allowing someone to totally disrespect you is just wrong and needs to be resolved.
So without stating that I would recommend violence, I will list some options that I would recommend to make sure this never happens again.You can choose the one you think I am leaning toward.
  • Notify the police and let them handle it, get your uniform cleaned of the spittle and water will dry.
  • Go to the newspaper and report what happened and hope they report on it.
  • Have the person arrested for battery by pointing them out, and make them a martyr for their cause.
  • Get 5 boatswains mates, 3 gunners mates and 1 Warrant officer to march down their and kick the living shit out of anyone involved, get arrested and then, after posting bail, stand for a captains mast on your ship or base.  

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