Monday, October 31, 2011

Short Tale of Interest, Maybe.

I met with a guy from the local paper, Gil Spencer from the Delco Times over the weekend. I am one of his consistent repliers to his papers stories or his blog. I met with him Friday night and a couple of other responders, Bob and Jake. We had a great night, men being men, Gil smoking a couple cigars, pushing back some drinks. we laughed and joked, lied and listened to some great stories! I was asked by Gil a while back if I would be interested in posting as a guest on his blog, it came up at this get together and I accepted. So I will be posting more political stuff relating to my thoughts on Gil's blog but still be posting my Coast Guard, Gun issues, Umpire, Baseball and other things of specific interest to me here. Gil gave me Carte Blanche on his site, so I will be going conservative crazy over there a couple times a week.  I will preface my posts with (Posted by Dannytheman) on his site!

Gil's Blog

Wish me luck!!

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  1. Enjoy the freedom Sir :-) And post em good!