Saturday, October 29, 2011

St. Louis Cardinals are the World Series Champions

I can honestly say, now 2 years in a row, that I am happy to see the best baseball team win the World Series.  This year it was truly the National League champs, St.Louis Cardinals. They beat my Phillie's with heavy and constant offense that overwhelmed the best pitching staff in baseball.
Small back story, the NLCS and World Series MVP, David Freese is from the St. Louis area.  Born and raised there and always wanted to play there. He will never, ever have to buy a beer in that town for the rest of his life. What a stud!!!


  1. I quit watching baseball after the 94 strike, didn't watch a single game... Glad to hear you enjoyed it though!

  2. NFO- I can understand that completely! I find baseball, from Little League to MLB an incredible sport. I have always loved it. No clock, defense controls the ball, 1 pitch, 1 hit can change the entire game.
    This series had everything you could want in a Series. I bet someone makes a movie about it.
    Go see Moneyball, it might bring you back!