Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Third Gun?? Yes or No in Gunwalker

Bob Owens seems to have every juke covered.

Agent: Well there was two.
Dealer: There’s three weapons.
Agent: There’s three weapons.
Dealer: I know that.
Agent: And yes, there’s serial numbers for all three.
Dealer: That’s correct.
Agent: Two of them came from this store.
Dealer: I understand that.
Agent: There’s an SKS that I don’t think came from … Dallas or Texas or something like that.
Dealer: I know. talking about the AK’s –
Agent: The two AK’s came from this store.
Dealer: I know that.
Agent: OK.
Dealer: I did the godd***ed trace –
Agent: Third weapon is the SKS has nothing to do with it.
Dealer: That didn’t come from me.
Agent: No and there is — that’s my knowledge. And I spoke to someone who would know those are the only ones they have. So this is the agent who’s working the case, all I can go by is what she told me.

The FBI say specifically there were only 2 guns and that KA1 was not one of them.
Other ATF communications make the DOJ’s claim that there was no third weapon even more suspect:
In one, an intelligence analyst writes that by 7:45 p.m. — about 21 hours after the shooting — she had successfully traced two weapons at the scene, and is now “researching the trace status of firearms recovered earlier today by the FBI.”
In another email, ATF-Phoenix Deputy Director George Gillett asks: “Are those two (AK-47s) in addition to the gun already recovered this morning?”

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