Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Files on F&F Now Sealed!!

He says it, I repeat it, AMAZING!!

 The Obama Administration has abruptly sealed court records containing alarming details of how Mexican drug smugglers murdered a U.S. Border patrol agent with a gun connected to a failed federal experiment that allowed firearms to be smuggled into Mexico.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lower Crime in NJ?? I Can Help!

Start by getting people handgun licenses!

In states where concealed carry laws are liberalized, crime goes down, because criminals do not know who is “packing heat.” Criminals prey on the defenseless. That is why New Jersey’s “may issue” permit regs are grossly anti-Second Amendment and anti-self-defense.
The right to self-defense is a natural right of the people. Any attempt to restore that right should be applauded not condemned. HR-822 is a step in the right direction, finally allowing Americans to defend themselves no matter where they travel in the United States. For New Jerseyans, liberalizing the concealed carry permit process will reduce crime in high crime neighborhoods.
If NJ wants to help inner city residents live in a more peaceful and secure environment, she should take the lead and introduce legislation that restores the people’s Second Amendment rights in N.J., including liberalizing the right to carry a concealed firearm.

What An Idiot!!!!

The following was sent in by Limerick Township Police Chief Bill Albany:
Limerick Township Police responded to the Philadelphia Premium Outlet Mall Saturday afternoon after receiving reports that a man displayed a handgun during a dispute over a parking space. Witnesses told police that a silver Nissan pulled in front of an SUV to take the parking space the SUV was pulling into.

2 things make this interesting. 
1) I went to Grade School and High School with Bill Albany the Police Chief of Limerick! (Great guy)
2) Had this gangbanger wantabe done that to my wife in the lot he would be one dead black man in that parking spot!! She would have shot him dead! 

What are you thinking threatening someone over a parking spot?  Really?  Jail, no more guns or License to carry for you!  Idiot!!

Nice job Bill!!  Keep up the good work!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

GaGa about Guns!!

Lady Gaga is in Lancaster Shooting!!

In 6 inch heels!!  I might start liking her!!
I'd rate that a$$ at about a 9.4.

Hello Santa, Welcome to My Gun Club

Arizona Gun Club Invites Families to Pose With Santa and a Machine Gun

Santa poses against a backdrop of an $80,000 Garwood mini-gun, and families can choose to pose with other firearms. Choices range from pistols to modified AR15s.
They also get a chance to test out the machine guns.

Now this is a Santa I could sit on the lap of!!  

Friday, November 25, 2011

Fast and Furious Kills 3000, Incredible!

From the great Bob Owens report.

"Previous suppositions by some (me included) were that the primary goal of FF was restricting US guns laws. That, it seems, could have been a “happy accident,” but winning the drug war in Mexico for the Sinaloa’s (and returning a sort of stability to Mexico as a result) seems to be the primary goal of the plot."

Chalk Up 3 for the Good Guys!

The Anti Gun crowd says this never happens.
Shotgun used inside home kills 2 home invaders

Please pay attention to the part where it says the people living there recognized the robbers from a previous home robbery! Just add a shotgun and the pests are gone!

But, we are not done yet!!! Husband kills intruder with excellent accuracy, one shot one kill!

I am not happy anyone ever dies, I am sad that these criminals live the life they did, and I hold no malice for the people using deadly force to protect their home. I pray for the shooters, they might have years of counseling ahead! God bless them!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New Jersey Strikes Again, Shameful State

A Texas man who was convicted of weapons charges at a trial he did not attend was sentenced on Friday to five years in state prison

 Reininger turned down an offer that would have had him serve 90 days in jail if he pleaded guilty to four counts, the site said. Reininger rejected the deal because he did not want to have a criminal record, according to the site. He did not expect to be convicted because he thought he would be cleared based on federal law, the site said.
 The guy pulls over to take a nap, cops wake him, ask him tons of questions, then arrest him and tow his truck??  How did they get a warrant?  Lies is my best guess!!

Shameful NJ, for shame, for shame, for shame!!! I try to never go there, I definitely never spend any money there. 

Happy Thanksgiving To All

I am truly blessed, and I say that as honestly and sincerely as I can. I have an understanding wife, 4 healthy, intelligent sons, my siblings are all doing well and my mom is still alive. My wifes mother and father are well and still spry. My best friends wife has beaten cancer, although it took 10 years off him, he is back to smiling again. My other friend found a good job in the nick of time, and can keep his home.
Turkey Day will be in my home tomorrow. The house will be filled with all good things. Sites, smells and football, too. But mostly I will reminisce about how lucky I am.  I am "Thankful" for many things, but the love of my family and good friends is number 1.

I will attempt to not eat until I pass out!  It will be an Irish Thanksgiving feast. Tons of stuffing and gravy, broccoli casserole, tons of potatoes, yams, turnips, sweet potatoes and deserts you would die for!!! Oh yeah, we might have some turkey and cranberries, too..

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. 

Monday, November 21, 2011

It's Official, California is Bat Shit Crazy!

Kids are playing with toy guns, parents get a lecture from local cops.

With no real weapon to worry about, the responding officers gave the parents a lecture about how their children need to be careful when playing with a pretend firearm.
 Boy would I have some choice comments for these local LEOs .  I'm not sure, but I would probably tell him I don't need his advice on how to raise my children and on how they should play with toys!!

Will the last American leaving California please bring home the flag?  Thank you.

California, land of fruits, nuts and flakes.(Thanks NFO)

Updated to include flakes

Sunday, November 20, 2011

We Are Definately Winning, Over and Over.

Concealed Carry gets easier.

Enjoy reading this fair assessment!

Evacuate, Evacute..Man with an Umbrella?

East Carolina University was locked down for about three hours Wednesday after people reported seeing a man with an assault rifle walking casually on a main thoroughfare near the Greenville campus.

 The only problem is/was it was him carrying an umbrella!!!! There is that "Scarey Gun meme, and "ASSAULT RIFLE" OMG, be afraid, be very afraid. In this case it was not even a semi automatic rifle of any type, it was black though.

 Greenville police, the state Highway Patrol and Pitt County deputies systematically swept the campus and nearby neighborhoods to search for the man.
When they found him, they determined he was not a threat.
What a serious waste of taxpayer dollars. My theory on this happening is more than half, or closer to 3/4s of the kids in the school have never seen, touched, fired a rifle to know what one looks like!  I stand behind my theory that would have gun training in schools.  We can teach about sex, we can teach about politics, why not about guns and gun safety?? My curriculum would include it in every 5th to 6th grade classroom.

Women Shooters Continue to Grow!

More woman are shooting for fun and self protection.

I have not met one woman in all my 55 years that did not enjoy shooting. I also find them incredibly gifted at it. They take instruction better and seem to have a natural ability to score well! But I am so happy to see this growing self protection market. This is why the pro gun side is truly winning. Any woman can easily balance the difference of power between a 6 foot tall, 250 pound man, and her little 5'4" inch, 100 to 140 pound woman frame. (Based on height variation.)
"Since 2001, more than 57,000 women have attended our (Women on Target) clinics across the country," says Rachel Parsons, a spokeswoman for the National Rifle Association. "And we know anecdotally from our NRA-certified instructors that they're seeing more and more women enrolling in their classes. Gun clubs are now having Ladies Night Out at the range. And shops are carrying more products tailored to women."
 57,000 is no drop in the pan number, that is huge.

"Now the typical class is 40% to 50% female," he says.
Guys?  I need you to share this story with your wife, mother, daughters, sister and any of their female friends. Even knights in shining armor can't be there all the time, let alone LEO's. Then after they have read it and said, "That's interesting," take them to the range!!
"I was very anti-gun until about a year and a half ago," she says, trying out pistols at Target Sports in Royal Oak. "I'd never held one until then. Once I held it, I don't know, there was something about the power of the gun in your hand. And I did pretty well from the very first time. When I hit my first bulls-eye, it was incredible. It made me want to do it all over again. And it's a great stress-reliever."

Saturday, November 19, 2011

A New York Story

Here is a timeline of the incidents on Nov. 17:
6:15 a.m. – 51-year-old sexually assaulted in Baychester.
6:30 a.m. – 32-year-old sexually assault in Baychester.
7:20 a.m. – 29-year-old sexually assault in Baychester.
8:03 a.m. – 31-year-old sexually assault in Soundview.
8:15 a.m. – 28-year-old sexually assaulted in Baychester.
12:18 p.m. – 48-year-old sexually assault in Soundview.

The story line?  All the same guy!!  

In States, like New York, where law abiding citizens can not get a license to carry a gun, woman are prey! Stalked and assaulted by a bigger, stronger 5'11" man!
In my world?  Blam, blam, blam, blam, blam, blam, step back reload and call the police. "Hello 911, I was sexually assualted and I had to kill the bastard, please send the coroner to 8th and Main."!

If the 51 year old could have done, she would have saved 5 others, and so on. 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

HR 822 Passes

The National Reciprocity bill passed the House yesterday late afternoon.
I watched some of it on CSpan from my office, but I was driving on my way home and missed the final vote. My Congressman, Pat Meehan voted YES!   Thanks to Pat will be sent via e mail and a hand written thank you card.
Sebastian over at Pa Gun Blog has all the information incredibly documented for those of you like me that want the full blow by blow! He should always be part of your daily reading.

The Bill will now head to the Senate. We are not done yet, but let's be happy we got this far today!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I Need One More for Over 10%

It's growing slowly but surely.

Now it sits at 43 Congress critters who want Holder out. Still shy of my 10% but I suspect by Friday?
Read more here.

Occupy defines the First Amendment

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

I am not a lawyer, and you may not agree with me, but I believe the Occupy groups have the God given right to peaceably assemble as mentioned above. No where in the Constitution that I love and support does it say "Peaceably assemble but not more that 60 days"! Lately, people I know have been bad mouthing the occupy groups, and I get it. But they are following an established path that we better be careful not to lose. This First Amendment RIGHT can never, and should not be easily taken away.

Why am I bringing this up now? I always tell people that Freedom isn't free, that there is always a sacrifice. But, and not coincidentally by the way, the Mayors, who all happen to be Demoncrats, are evicting the Occupy groups. Oakland, Ca., Seattle, Portand and New York are getting the dismantlement treatment. I suspect Philly will be soon. It so happens that it was immediately after the Election cycle is over. Last Tuesday, remember? New Polls out show a majority of folks, most of whom have never been to an occupy site, are now against the cause. Demoncrats love their polls.  Also, an occupy success occupy leaders held off the Unions and outside band wagon jumpers(Marxist, Nazis, communist, etc., etc., that the Demoncrats were hoping to bring their message to light. So, once the Demoncrats saw that the Occupy group could not be bought or thoroughly infiltarted, they used their close connections with the press, immediately after the election, and started hammering the group with lies and embellished statements.

Press news? Knives were found. Do you have a knife when YOU are camping? I sure do.
Unsafe conditions? Candles in a tent. OK, wow you got them now Mayor Squidward.
My personal favorite ? Hypodermic needles, later found to belong to a diabetic. Really?
But what about the kid pooping in the street in Portland? How disgusting?  He was not associated with the group, but if the poop stinks, right?
So now you have lies about police safety, hazardous conditions and drugs!! But the press, long known by most to be owned by the Demoncrats, or left, is busy buying right in. Asshats!!!

The tide has turned, and I fear the end is near for the occupy group, but I hope they learn and maneuver to continue to educate.

They have 2 main beliefs.
1)  Our government must be accountable to us, and corporations must be accountable to the government. We are saying definitively: We no longer live in a democracy, and we refuse to accept that. We seek an end to the collusion between corrupt politicians and corporate criminals, as democratic and capitalist institutions have become conflated. As such we must see major advances in the arena of the relationship between corporations, and people, on par with the amendments which outlawed slavery and assured civil rights to all people regardless of race, sex, or class.

I have explained to them about us being a Republic Democracy, but they won't change. But I can get how they could hate some of these corporate big wigs making millions a year, and they feeling like slaves. They are shut out from the elite ruling class of rich. I think all of us would like to do away with high paid lobbyist, wouldn't we? (Unless you are one, of course)

2) We must be accountable to ourselves. First and foremost, we are calling upon ourselves, and upon one another, to wake up and employ our power as citizens: to participate rather than observe, to raise our strong voices together, rather than complaining feebly in isolation. We cannot ‘whine’ about the injustices wreaked upon us if we have been complacent and silent in the face of these injustices. We must take responsibility for our own futures – and here at Liberty Plaza, that is exactly what we are doing, by modeling the kind of society in which everyone has a right to live. Here in Liberty Plaza, having lost our sense that we live in a democracy, we are reclaiming its practice.
They want their freedom back, they want true equality, and not in a communist way, not in a progressive way, it's in an entirely new way. I don't agree they will succeed in this, but I respect their freedom to go after their dreams.

Some of what the occupy folks support, I can easily get behind, some is way out there IMHO, but I fully respect their God given right to protest and to petition the government for change! I may not agree with them on much, but I fully support their right to do it!

I wouldn't want my freedoms taken away, would you?

God bless Freedom and God bless the Constitution! 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Rant 6,321.

I was down for the count yesterday. I got some chest pressure thing that had me making every attempt to NOT cough.  If I coughed, I was going to cough for an hour. So I laid low all day. I hunkered down, hit the Advil when the fever came up and wrapped myself in blankets and watched TV. I feel better today after almost 11 hours of sleep. But the rant was building all day.

So let's kick it off, shall we?  What started the woman hyphenating their name and adding it to their married name?  I was told it was older well established woman who were lawyers and doctors that had a professional need to keep attached to their professional name. I get that, and it makes sense to me completely. But when do Administrative Assistants and cashiers at Wall Mart do it for?
The reason I am asking, is I noticed a poor boy who was named (Making it up to protect him) John Joseph Armidillo-Graft-Barrier-Cleft.  His parents both were born to parents with hyphenated names and now he was born, and instead of arguing about possibly 1 name, they gave him legally all 4. I felt bad for him.  I remember talking to my wife about this years ago, when one of her brothers wives adopted the hyphen. INHO, she didn't rise to the level of needing it. Is it a feminist thing? Is it the fact that woman realize that most marriages end in divorce?

It's really none of my business, but I heard the way that young boy tried to explain it to me, he was stuttering, like "Yeah, I know, my parents are freaks"!

Keep your name, take the mans name. In my world there is 2 choices. But for God's sake think of little Johnny! 

Click to embiggity!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

NY Post on Fast and Furious!

This is summed up very well.  Read it all here.

Tidbits I particularly enjoyed reading?

F&F was a crackpot scheme hatched by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosive by which thousands of firearms were allowed to “walk” across the US-Mexican border and into the hands of the deadly Mexican drug cartels, with the weapons’ purchase and transfer aided by ATF agents under the supervision of the Justice Department.
Few public officials have been less forthcoming than Holder, whose constantly shifting excuses for F&F all boil down to: the dog ate my homework.

The Bush op was tightly controlled, with the illegal purchases conducted under tight surveillance, and was a joint Mexican-American endeavor. Plus, it involved only about 500 guns, some fitted with radio tracking devices. F&F, by contrast, involved thousands of guns, whose purchases were actively encouraged by federal officials and whose transfers across the border went deliberately unmolested. And it was kept secret from our Mexican allies.

Emphasis above is mine.
Thank you to Michael A. Walsh of the NY Post for writing the TRUTH!!

I'm An Idiot

I had the day off, I mean I took a vacation day,  yesterday to celebrate Veterans Day with some friends in Media, Pa. They have a very nice parade and I get to see some old friends, make a few new ones and thank some WWII Vets. The parade was fabulous, and with the Vice President of the United States there, bigger than ever!  It was 90 minutes long and incredibly touching to see the pride on so many peoples faces. Media did a nice job. 

As the parade was ending I started to move over to where the speeches are made every year in front of the court house. I know the area pretty good and started to take a short cut to get there. 2 blocks away I met a Sheriff that told me all people had to enter through Jasper Street and Veterans Square. Then it hit me!!  Vice President probably means metal detector or magnetometer. I walked over there waited in a short line, bent my head over to the security guy closest and said, "Do you have a place to check weapons here?" He looked up, didn't make any serious reaction and said, "Nope, we don't store nothing, we don't want to be responsible for it." So I had the tough choice of walking 10 blocks or more to my truck and locking my weapons in my vehicle gun safe, or not attend the event at the court house. I chose to not walk back to the truck. So for 10 years + I have attended this parade and enjoyed the general openness of it, now I was banned from participating because I legally carry a gun.

Now, please understand, I am not complaining about the VP being protected, but he is not a Veteran.
I wake up every morning, go through my routine, and like many people carry a gun. It is what I do everyday. Wallet in back right pocket, chained to belt, keys in front left , knife in front pocket, Iphone on left side, OWB holster on belt at 3:30 behind right hip. So me being armed is the norm in this story, the odd thing is the VP being at the Veterans Day Parade.

I did hear some of his speech, from 2 blocks away, and enjoyed watching the snipers and spotters watching the crowd from the roof of the court house. I love the Secret Service, I really do. If I had a Law Enforcement job, this would be the one I would want! I watched 3 or 4 of them at the corner I was standing at, they were very polite, yet vigilant. They cracked up, as did all of us, as a older man with an incredibly bad rug on his head walked passed. One of the agents remarked that he would have asked him to take the beaver of his head so he could scan it, we all laughed.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Veterans Day Prayer

Prayer for Veterans Day

God of peace,
we pray for those who have served our nation
and have laid down their lives
to protect and defend our freedom.

We pray for those who have fought,
whose spirits and bodies are scarred by war,
whose nights are haunted by memories
too painful for the light of day.

We pray for those who serve us now,
especially for those in harm's way.
Shield them from danger
and bring them home.

Turn the hearts and minds
of our leaders and our enemies
to the work of justice and a harvest of peace.

Spare the poor, Lord, spare the poor!

May the peace you left us,
the peace you gave us,
be the peace that sustains,
the peace that saves us.

Christ Jesus, hear us!
Lord Jesus, hear our prayer!



Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Holder To Testify On Fast and Furious

Mike has all the news on it.

The best quote to not miss??
"Never again"!?!? Eric Holder taking the pledge on gunwalking is like Reinhard Heydrich swearing off Holocausts or Jeffrey Dahmer announcing that he is an enthusiastic convert to vegetarianism. Like every other criminal, Holder's not sorry he committed the crime (in his case to advance the gun control agenda), but he's damn sorry he got caught.

Holder probably set this whole thing up. He was looking for a way to add more gun control.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Call Bloomberg, Need Another Group (MABBBs)**

Man killed by baseball bat beating.

This story is very sad, and I mean no disrespect to anyone for the comparison I have to make.
Why is there no group against Base Ball Bats?  Why is it that the gun is the inanimate object always chosen for removal?
Bats kill.
Shovels kill .
Cars kill. 
Swimming pools kill.  Drowning is a leading cause of death among US youths. In 2002, 1158 youths younger than 20 years died as a result of an unintentional non–boat-related drowning.

But there is no Brady Org/Bloomberg Mayor/CeaseFire group to takes bats away, or stop pools from being sold, or cars from being driven. We truly have to stop looking at the object and start concentrating on the people in the control of that object!

**(MABBBs) Mayors Against Base Ball Bats

Who keeps elected these Ideologues?

Bloomberg has been sued for defamation by a Smyrna, Georgia gun dealer represented by former congressman Bob Barr.[1][2]

Indicted, convicted, and scandalized members

A substantial number of member of the coalition have been indicted in recent months, on felony charges. Here in the US, conviction of felony means the immediate loss of both the right to vote and the right to own a gun for the rest of one's life. This is an organization that espouses doing away with "illegal guns", yet a surprising number of their members have made choices in their lives that have set themselves on the path to being disenfranchised from ever owning a gun.
Personal character and integrity are prerequisites for anyone entering public office, to serve in an elected position of "special trust and confidence", such as a mayorship. Abuses of that trust, gross lapses of integrity, and forays into criminal conduct are not tolerated in our society. If anything, elected politicians are held to a higher standard than the general public, and their actions are closely watched. For an elected official to become a criminal, when they themselves are entrusted to protect us from criminals is nearly the most heinous and unforgivable thing imaginable in a democratically-ruled republic. For some of these same individuals to continue to be considered members in good standing of a "crime-fighting" organization--and not even censured by the organization--has been criticized as being hypocritical.
Three current and former members of the Mayors Against Illegal Guns Coalition are currently under felony indictments, six others were recently convicted of felonies, one indicted member died of a heart attack before completion of his trial, and one member was recently convicted of a violent misdemeanor. The indicted and convicted members and former members include:
  • Former Mayor Gary Becker[3] of Racine, Wisconsin is under five felony indictments for child pornography, attempted child sexual assault and child enticement.[4] He resigned after pleading not guilty and being released on bond.[5]He was later convicted and received a three year felony sentence in prison. [6]
  • Former Mayor David Delle Donna[7], of Guttenberg, New Jersey was indicted under a Federal extortion and mail fraud charges.[8] He was convicted in 2008[9] and sentenced to four years and three months in federal prison.[10]
  • Mayor Sheila Dixon was indicted in 2009 on twelve counts[11], comprising four counts of perjury, two counts of misconduct, three counts of theft, and three counts of fraudulent misappropriations.[12] The felony theft charges stem partly from incidents in 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007 in which she allegedly misappropriated gift cards intended for the poor and used them for personal purchases.[13][14] Dixon was eventually convicted, but on January 6, 2010, under a pre-arranged plea agreement reached with prosecutors, Dixon announced that she was resigning as Mayor, effective February 4, 2010. Under the terms of the agreement Dixon got "probation before judgment" (PBJ). A PBJ is not considered a "conviction", thus enabling her to keep her $83,000 pension.[15]
  • Mayor Jerramiah Healy was convicted for obstruction of justice in 2007[16] and more recently was implicated in the corruption sweep in New Jersey involving the sale of body parts and money laundering. In all, 44 individuals were indicted. (Healy was named as "JC Official 4" and implicated, but was not indicted, in the probe.)[17][18][19]
  • Former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was indicted, arrested, and convicted. and subsequently jailed for 99 days. Kilpatrick pleaded guilty to two felony obstruction of justice charges stemming from his efforts to cover up an extramarital affair. He also pleaded no contest to charges of assaulting a police officer attempting to serve a subpoena on a Kilpatrick friend in that case.[20] The charges and allegations (not all against Kilpatrick himself) were of marital infidelity, conspiracy, perjury, corruption and murder.[21] Following Kilpatrick's conviction, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms called on Kilpatrick to resign from the Coalition.[22]
  • Mayor Larry Langford was investigated in 2007 by the SEC on corruption charges. In 2008 a lawsuit was filed against him for illegally accepting $156,000 in cash and benefits. On December 1, 2008, Larry Langford was arrested by the FBI on a 101 count indictment[23] alleging conspiracy, bribery, fraud, money laundering, and filing false tax returns[24] in connection with a long-running bribery scheme.[25][26][27] On December 1, 2008, Langford, along with William B. Blount and Al LaPierre, was arrested by the FBI on a 101-count indictment alleging conspiracy, bribery, fraud, money laundering, and filing false tax returns in connection with a long-running bribery scheme.[28] His public corruption trial ended on October 28, 2009 with convictions on 60 counts, and resulted in his automatic removal from office.[29]
  • Deceased Mayor Frank Melton at the time of his death was under felony indictment on civil rights charges.[30] (He died before a scheduled re-trial, following a mistrial.) In 2006, Melton pled guilty to a firearms charge, stemming from a raid (in which he was armed with a concealed pistol) on a suspected crack house. Melton conducted the extra-official Buford Pusser-style raid without a warrant to "bust up" a duplex apartment, accompanied by a group of youths that were not sworn law enforcement officers. That same event led to Melton's civil rights indictment. In November 2006, he pleaded no contest to three misdemeanor charges: carrying a gun in a park and in a church, and carrying a concealed weapon.[31]
  • Mayor Eddie Perez was indicted on bribery, fabricating evidence, and conspiracy to fabricate evidence felony charges.[32] Perez turned himself in to state police, stating that he had a lapse in judgment but did nothing illegal, and vowed that he would not step down as Hartford's mayor.[33] He was arraigned on September 8, 2009.[34] His trial date was postponed to November 2009[35], and then to February, 2010.[36] On September 2, 2009 Perez was again arrested, and additionally charged with first-degree larceny by extortion, stemming from a no-bid parking lot deal, unrelated to the other corruption charges.[37] He again proclaimed that he would stay in office, despite these new felony charges.[38] He was later sentenced to three years in prison.[39]
  • Former Mayor Samuel Rivera, of Passaic, New Jersey was convicted of corruption, influence peddling, and extortion charges.[40][41] In August 2008 he pled guilty,and was sentenced to 21 months in prison.[42]
  • In 2008, former Mayor Will Wynn was convicted of Class C misdemeanor, for a choking assault on a man who had crashed a party.[43]
Five current members of the Mayors Against Illegal Guns Coalition have been troubled by scandals that involved firearms:
  • As New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg came into office, he inherited a chronic firearms permit favoritism scandal from his predecessors that still remains an unresolved issue. Writing in the New York Sun, attorney David Kopel observed: "The problem is acute in New York City. Celebrities, the ultra-wealthy, and the politically influential get carry permits. But many of the people who need them the most — such as stalking victims, or crime witnesses who have been threatened by the criminal's friends — often do not."[44] There are currently only about 36,169 permits to keep firearms in private homes in New York City, with the majority issued to retired police officers. Of these permit holders, only 2,516 are more liberally licensed for concealed carry outside their homes. The issuance of permits is discretionary in New York City, per Penal Law 400[45]. (It is considered a "may issue" locality, unlike the "shall issue" policy used for concealed carry in most other localities.) Despite "tight" restrictions on "demonstrated need or special danger", a who’s-who list of celebrities, billionaires[46], entertainers[47], professional athletes[48], and politicians[49] has somehow managed to get firearms permits. This list includes New York Times publisher Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, publisher Michael Korda, and talk show host Howard Stern.[50] In 2007, The New York Post reported that gun license holders include financier Donald Trump, his son Donald Trump Jr., Queens district attorney Richard A. Brown, Westchester County district attorney, Janet DiFiore, music executive Tommy Mottola, chief executive of Marvel Comics, Isaac Perlmutter, radio show host Don Imus, lawyer Barry Slotnick, lawyer Raoul Felder; publisher Robert Forbes, the cab-driving political activist Fernando Mateo, former new York Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno (recently indicted for fraud), actor Robert De Niro, actor Harvey Keitel, film producer Martin Bregman, cosmetics heir Ronald Lauder, and Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler.[51][52] All of these individuals have retained their gun licenses under Bloomberg's "tough on guns" administration. The New York Post noted: "Television news anchor John Roland, who let his license lapse in 2006, got his gun permit back in 2007."[53] A surprisingly high number of celebrities have concealed carry permits, rather than the more common "keep at home" (premise) permits. According to The New York Times, "Mr. Bloomberg asked Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly to look at the issue, and added: 'If you want a gun permit, you should have to really show that your life is in danger, and that having a gun will protect you, will improve the chances of you surviving.'"[54] But despite Bloomberg's publicly-stated concern, there have been no announcements of any celebrity gun permits being rescinded, or any reforms to prevent favoritism, cronyism, bribes, or other abuse of discretion in license issuance. With a city population of 8.3 million, the 36,169 gun permit holders represent just .043% of the population and the 2,516 concealed carry permit holders represent a scant .003% of the population.
  • Mayor Richard M. Daley has been criticized for the city of Chicago's long-standing practice of providing armed bodyguards for a number of city politicians, including city clerk James "Jim" Laski. In the city clerk scandal, Daley was shamed into removing the perk of the armed bodyguards for the clerk. The Chicago Sun-Times reported: "The decision was made almost immediately after Laski became the first elected official to be caught up in the Hired Truck scandal. But Daley insisted that the bribery and extortion charges against Laski were not the trigger. It was the fact that, until this week, Laski had not been showing up for work."[55] Laski was later convicted of taking $48,000 in bribes and received a two year sentence.[56] Former Mayor Eugene Sawyer, City Treasurer Judy Rice and Alderman Edward M. Burke, chairman of the City Council's Finance Committee still have armed bodyguards.[57]
  • Mayor Gerald Jennings of Albany, New York was implicated in a scandal regarding the alleged illegal purchase of 52 machine guns.[58] It is unclear whether the weapons were purchased for departmental use or for the use of private individuals. Weapons were delivered to Police Department addresses but apparently paid for with private funds. The Department has not produced a list of weapons, their location, the names of the individuals who purchased them, or their disposition or destruction. At least one later turned up, illegally for sale to the public, in an area gun store. The police officer who sold the gun to the store has testified that he bought it from a Police Union official who was also the Department's armorer.[59] The current Chief of Police is the fifth appointed by Jennings.[60] The case is still open.[61]
  • Following the illegal seizure of firearms in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, Mayor Ray Nagin settled a lawsuit and had a permanent injunction issued prohibiting Nagin or any New Orleans employee from confiscating any lawfully possessed firearm and ordering the return of hundreds of illegally confiscated firearms. (They had been confiscated at Mayor Nagin's order.).[62] Nagin's administration has also been troubled by reports of improprieties with the police department evidence rooms, where guns were stolen, guns were allowed to rust, and $200,000 in cash was stolen.[63][64]
  • Mayor Bill White's administration has been embarrassed by an ongoing scandal involving guns stolen from the Houston Police Department's evidence room. In January 2009, the Houston Chronicle reported: "For months, maybe years, people with criminal backgrounds had access to secure areas of the police station, including a property room from which 30 guns disappeared within six months, according to internal police documents. The documents, obtained by the Houston Chronicle, indicated that lax security created an environment ripe for theft. No one has been charged in the gun thefts, although police suspected telephone repairmen who admitted stealing other items, and a temporary employee who had access to the property room while awaiting trial on aggravated robbery charges."[65][66]

One man, One Shotgun Versus the Mob

A local Developer proves my cowardice beliefs.

Criminals and mobs based on strength of numbers are generally cowards. One on one they are mice, but in a group they get brazen. Bring in the great world equalizer, the pump shotgun.  (Cue evil laugh)

"I was standing there and they saw me there, and I lifted it - I didn't point it - I just held it in my hands," Tagami said. "And I just racked it, and they ran."

They ran like the cowards they are!!!

Senator Dianne Feinstein Goofballess Extrordinaire

An amazing woman of serious idiotic proportions.

“My concern, Mr. Chairman, is there’s been a lot said about Fast and Furious, and perhaps mistakes were made, but I think this hunt for blame doesn’t really speak about the problem,” Feinstein said during the Tuesday hearing. “And the problem is, anybody can walk in and buy anything, .50-caliber weapons, sniper weapons, buy them in large amounts, and send them down to Mexico. So, the question really becomes, what do we do about this?”
“I’ve been here 18 years,” Feinstein continued. “I’ve watched the BATF get beaten up at every turn on the road. And, candidly, it’s just not right.”

Emphasis above is mine.  What she seems to have missed here is this just wasn't anyone, it was the ATF that knowingly and blatantly allowed these guns to walk. The Gun Dealers were told to let these purchases go. Then the ATF did not track any of them. They basically were Straw Purchasers for the drug cartels. 

Senator Feinstein has long had an irrational interest in large-caliber, long-range firearms. She specifically mentioned .50-caliber weapons and “sniper weapons” during the hearing, even though these prohibitively expensive and specialized firearms are almost never used in crimes.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

35 and Climbing

Crickets from the White House and Department of Justice as 34   35 Congress members call for Eric Holder to resign. Always remember, no one died in the Watergate scandal! 
Updated 11/4.  35 now!  Out of 435 members we are not quite at 10% but we are passed 5%.

Republican Reps. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina and Jason Chaffetz of Utah have asked Obama to clarify how he was able to speak about Operation Fast and Furious in a media interview while Holder was apparently, at least according to his own statements, unaware of the operation.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

80,000 in 9 Hours

Wisconsin Issues First CCW License, 80,000 Applications Downloaded in 9 Hours

“This is a historic day for the state of Wisconsin,” Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen said.  “As a long-time supporter of Second Amendment rights, I’m encouraged to see people exercising this freedom, and they can rest assured we’ll do our best to process applications from qualified residents as quickly as we can.  I’m extremely proud of the DOJ employees who have worked to get people their licenses promptly and efficiently.”




Tuesday, November 1, 2011

NRA Calls For Holders Resignation

Joining a growing list of knowledgeable people. 

I will be calling my Congressman, who sits on the investigating committee. I recommend you call yours.

Update: Another new tidbit of information about Fast and Furious, via CBS reporter Sharyl Atkisson. Apparently, Lanny Breuer, head of the criminal division of the DOJ, definitely knew that the ATF had employed the gunwalking strategy during “Operation Wide Receiver,” a program started under the Bush administration. Why does that matter? Atkisson explains:
Today, Breuer issued a statement saying he “regrets” that he didn’t alert others in Justice Department leadership, apparently including his boss Attorney General Eric Holder.
In a separate ATF case reported by CBS News earlier this year, called “Fast and Furious” and started under the Obama Administration, Breuer says he likewise regrets not alerting leaders about the similarities in the cases. That, said Breuer, was a mistake.
Republican Congressional investigators say this new information contradicts the Justice Department’s original letter to them earlier this year insisting that gunwalking allegations were “false.”