Friday, November 25, 2011

Chalk Up 3 for the Good Guys!

The Anti Gun crowd says this never happens.
Shotgun used inside home kills 2 home invaders

Please pay attention to the part where it says the people living there recognized the robbers from a previous home robbery! Just add a shotgun and the pests are gone!

But, we are not done yet!!! Husband kills intruder with excellent accuracy, one shot one kill!

I am not happy anyone ever dies, I am sad that these criminals live the life they did, and I hold no malice for the people using deadly force to protect their home. I pray for the shooters, they might have years of counseling ahead! God bless them!

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  1. Excellent points all Danny, and it is terrible when one has to take a life, but the alternative is not good (your own death)...