Sunday, November 20, 2011

Evacuate, Evacute..Man with an Umbrella?

East Carolina University was locked down for about three hours Wednesday after people reported seeing a man with an assault rifle walking casually on a main thoroughfare near the Greenville campus.

 The only problem is/was it was him carrying an umbrella!!!! There is that "Scarey Gun meme, and "ASSAULT RIFLE" OMG, be afraid, be very afraid. In this case it was not even a semi automatic rifle of any type, it was black though.

 Greenville police, the state Highway Patrol and Pitt County deputies systematically swept the campus and nearby neighborhoods to search for the man.
When they found him, they determined he was not a threat.
What a serious waste of taxpayer dollars. My theory on this happening is more than half, or closer to 3/4s of the kids in the school have never seen, touched, fired a rifle to know what one looks like!  I stand behind my theory that would have gun training in schools.  We can teach about sex, we can teach about politics, why not about guns and gun safety?? My curriculum would include it in every 5th to 6th grade classroom.

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