Saturday, November 12, 2011

I'm An Idiot

I had the day off, I mean I took a vacation day,  yesterday to celebrate Veterans Day with some friends in Media, Pa. They have a very nice parade and I get to see some old friends, make a few new ones and thank some WWII Vets. The parade was fabulous, and with the Vice President of the United States there, bigger than ever!  It was 90 minutes long and incredibly touching to see the pride on so many peoples faces. Media did a nice job. 

As the parade was ending I started to move over to where the speeches are made every year in front of the court house. I know the area pretty good and started to take a short cut to get there. 2 blocks away I met a Sheriff that told me all people had to enter through Jasper Street and Veterans Square. Then it hit me!!  Vice President probably means metal detector or magnetometer. I walked over there waited in a short line, bent my head over to the security guy closest and said, "Do you have a place to check weapons here?" He looked up, didn't make any serious reaction and said, "Nope, we don't store nothing, we don't want to be responsible for it." So I had the tough choice of walking 10 blocks or more to my truck and locking my weapons in my vehicle gun safe, or not attend the event at the court house. I chose to not walk back to the truck. So for 10 years + I have attended this parade and enjoyed the general openness of it, now I was banned from participating because I legally carry a gun.

Now, please understand, I am not complaining about the VP being protected, but he is not a Veteran.
I wake up every morning, go through my routine, and like many people carry a gun. It is what I do everyday. Wallet in back right pocket, chained to belt, keys in front left , knife in front pocket, Iphone on left side, OWB holster on belt at 3:30 behind right hip. So me being armed is the norm in this story, the odd thing is the VP being at the Veterans Day Parade.

I did hear some of his speech, from 2 blocks away, and enjoyed watching the snipers and spotters watching the crowd from the roof of the court house. I love the Secret Service, I really do. If I had a Law Enforcement job, this would be the one I would want! I watched 3 or 4 of them at the corner I was standing at, they were very polite, yet vigilant. They cracked up, as did all of us, as a older man with an incredibly bad rug on his head walked passed. One of the agents remarked that he would have asked him to take the beaver of his head so he could scan it, we all laughed.

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  1. Yep, a sad commentary... But I would have done the same thing...