Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New Jersey Strikes Again, Shameful State

A Texas man who was convicted of weapons charges at a trial he did not attend was sentenced on Friday to five years in state prison

 Reininger turned down an offer that would have had him serve 90 days in jail if he pleaded guilty to four counts, the site said. Reininger rejected the deal because he did not want to have a criminal record, according to the site. He did not expect to be convicted because he thought he would be cleared based on federal law, the site said.
 The guy pulls over to take a nap, cops wake him, ask him tons of questions, then arrest him and tow his truck??  How did they get a warrant?  Lies is my best guess!!

Shameful NJ, for shame, for shame, for shame!!! I try to never go there, I definitely never spend any money there. 


  1. Just goes to prove you DO NOT want to stop in NJ or NY for anything... sigh

  2. It does seem incredible that were part of initial signing of the Bill of Rights!