Saturday, November 12, 2011

NY Post on Fast and Furious!

This is summed up very well.  Read it all here.

Tidbits I particularly enjoyed reading?

F&F was a crackpot scheme hatched by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosive by which thousands of firearms were allowed to “walk” across the US-Mexican border and into the hands of the deadly Mexican drug cartels, with the weapons’ purchase and transfer aided by ATF agents under the supervision of the Justice Department.
Few public officials have been less forthcoming than Holder, whose constantly shifting excuses for F&F all boil down to: the dog ate my homework.

The Bush op was tightly controlled, with the illegal purchases conducted under tight surveillance, and was a joint Mexican-American endeavor. Plus, it involved only about 500 guns, some fitted with radio tracking devices. F&F, by contrast, involved thousands of guns, whose purchases were actively encouraged by federal officials and whose transfers across the border went deliberately unmolested. And it was kept secret from our Mexican allies.

Emphasis above is mine.
Thank you to Michael A. Walsh of the NY Post for writing the TRUTH!!

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