Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Occupy defines the First Amendment

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

I am not a lawyer, and you may not agree with me, but I believe the Occupy groups have the God given right to peaceably assemble as mentioned above. No where in the Constitution that I love and support does it say "Peaceably assemble but not more that 60 days"! Lately, people I know have been bad mouthing the occupy groups, and I get it. But they are following an established path that we better be careful not to lose. This First Amendment RIGHT can never, and should not be easily taken away.

Why am I bringing this up now? I always tell people that Freedom isn't free, that there is always a sacrifice. But, and not coincidentally by the way, the Mayors, who all happen to be Demoncrats, are evicting the Occupy groups. Oakland, Ca., Seattle, Portand and New York are getting the dismantlement treatment. I suspect Philly will be soon. It so happens that it was immediately after the Election cycle is over. Last Tuesday, remember? New Polls out show a majority of folks, most of whom have never been to an occupy site, are now against the cause. Demoncrats love their polls.  Also, an occupy success occupy leaders held off the Unions and outside band wagon jumpers(Marxist, Nazis, communist, etc., etc., that the Demoncrats were hoping to bring their message to light. So, once the Demoncrats saw that the Occupy group could not be bought or thoroughly infiltarted, they used their close connections with the press, immediately after the election, and started hammering the group with lies and embellished statements.

Press news? Knives were found. Do you have a knife when YOU are camping? I sure do.
Unsafe conditions? Candles in a tent. OK, wow you got them now Mayor Squidward.
My personal favorite ? Hypodermic needles, later found to belong to a diabetic. Really?
But what about the kid pooping in the street in Portland? How disgusting?  He was not associated with the group, but if the poop stinks, right?
So now you have lies about police safety, hazardous conditions and drugs!! But the press, long known by most to be owned by the Demoncrats, or left, is busy buying right in. Asshats!!!

The tide has turned, and I fear the end is near for the occupy group, but I hope they learn and maneuver to continue to educate.

They have 2 main beliefs.
1)  Our government must be accountable to us, and corporations must be accountable to the government. We are saying definitively: We no longer live in a democracy, and we refuse to accept that. We seek an end to the collusion between corrupt politicians and corporate criminals, as democratic and capitalist institutions have become conflated. As such we must see major advances in the arena of the relationship between corporations, and people, on par with the amendments which outlawed slavery and assured civil rights to all people regardless of race, sex, or class.

I have explained to them about us being a Republic Democracy, but they won't change. But I can get how they could hate some of these corporate big wigs making millions a year, and they feeling like slaves. They are shut out from the elite ruling class of rich. I think all of us would like to do away with high paid lobbyist, wouldn't we? (Unless you are one, of course)

2) We must be accountable to ourselves. First and foremost, we are calling upon ourselves, and upon one another, to wake up and employ our power as citizens: to participate rather than observe, to raise our strong voices together, rather than complaining feebly in isolation. We cannot ‘whine’ about the injustices wreaked upon us if we have been complacent and silent in the face of these injustices. We must take responsibility for our own futures – and here at Liberty Plaza, that is exactly what we are doing, by modeling the kind of society in which everyone has a right to live. Here in Liberty Plaza, having lost our sense that we live in a democracy, we are reclaiming its practice.
They want their freedom back, they want true equality, and not in a communist way, not in a progressive way, it's in an entirely new way. I don't agree they will succeed in this, but I respect their freedom to go after their dreams.

Some of what the occupy folks support, I can easily get behind, some is way out there IMHO, but I fully respect their God given right to protest and to petition the government for change! I may not agree with them on much, but I fully support their right to do it!

I wouldn't want my freedoms taken away, would you?

God bless Freedom and God bless the Constitution! 

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