Sunday, November 13, 2011

Rant 6,321.

I was down for the count yesterday. I got some chest pressure thing that had me making every attempt to NOT cough.  If I coughed, I was going to cough for an hour. So I laid low all day. I hunkered down, hit the Advil when the fever came up and wrapped myself in blankets and watched TV. I feel better today after almost 11 hours of sleep. But the rant was building all day.

So let's kick it off, shall we?  What started the woman hyphenating their name and adding it to their married name?  I was told it was older well established woman who were lawyers and doctors that had a professional need to keep attached to their professional name. I get that, and it makes sense to me completely. But when do Administrative Assistants and cashiers at Wall Mart do it for?
The reason I am asking, is I noticed a poor boy who was named (Making it up to protect him) John Joseph Armidillo-Graft-Barrier-Cleft.  His parents both were born to parents with hyphenated names and now he was born, and instead of arguing about possibly 1 name, they gave him legally all 4. I felt bad for him.  I remember talking to my wife about this years ago, when one of her brothers wives adopted the hyphen. INHO, she didn't rise to the level of needing it. Is it a feminist thing? Is it the fact that woman realize that most marriages end in divorce?

It's really none of my business, but I heard the way that young boy tried to explain it to me, he was stuttering, like "Yeah, I know, my parents are freaks"!

Keep your name, take the mans name. In my world there is 2 choices. But for God's sake think of little Johnny! 

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  1. Meh... PCism... plain and simple... and the kids suffer for it! Hope you get better quick!