Friday, November 4, 2011

Senator Dianne Feinstein Goofballess Extrordinaire

An amazing woman of serious idiotic proportions.

“My concern, Mr. Chairman, is there’s been a lot said about Fast and Furious, and perhaps mistakes were made, but I think this hunt for blame doesn’t really speak about the problem,” Feinstein said during the Tuesday hearing. “And the problem is, anybody can walk in and buy anything, .50-caliber weapons, sniper weapons, buy them in large amounts, and send them down to Mexico. So, the question really becomes, what do we do about this?”
“I’ve been here 18 years,” Feinstein continued. “I’ve watched the BATF get beaten up at every turn on the road. And, candidly, it’s just not right.”

Emphasis above is mine.  What she seems to have missed here is this just wasn't anyone, it was the ATF that knowingly and blatantly allowed these guns to walk. The Gun Dealers were told to let these purchases go. Then the ATF did not track any of them. They basically were Straw Purchasers for the drug cartels. 

Senator Feinstein has long had an irrational interest in large-caliber, long-range firearms. She specifically mentioned .50-caliber weapons and “sniper weapons” during the hearing, even though these prohibitively expensive and specialized firearms are almost never used in crimes.

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  1. Bout the same as the way the picked the AWB guns, looking at PICTURES for F** sake... sigh