Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What An Idiot!!!!

The following was sent in by Limerick Township Police Chief Bill Albany:
Limerick Township Police responded to the Philadelphia Premium Outlet Mall Saturday afternoon after receiving reports that a man displayed a handgun during a dispute over a parking space. Witnesses told police that a silver Nissan pulled in front of an SUV to take the parking space the SUV was pulling into.

2 things make this interesting. 
1) I went to Grade School and High School with Bill Albany the Police Chief of Limerick! (Great guy)
2) Had this gangbanger wantabe done that to my wife in the lot he would be one dead black man in that parking spot!! She would have shot him dead! 

What are you thinking threatening someone over a parking spot?  Really?  Jail, no more guns or License to carry for you!  Idiot!!

Nice job Bill!!  Keep up the good work!!


  1. Yep, good job and that stupid ass deserves to lose any gun privilege he has...