Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Big "Duh" to Delaware!!

WILMINGTON -- Two of Delaware's top police officers aren't expecting criminals to hand over their weapons Saturday at a taxpayer-financed gun buyback event at two local churches."We're not naive in thinking crime weapons are going be turned in," said Wilmington Police Chief Michael Szczerba. "There will be very few crime guns turned in, if any at all."

 The state will give individuals a $150 prepaid debit card for a handgun, $200 for an assault rifle and $100 for shotguns and hunting rifles.

I might go dump 2 piece of crap 22's and a old single shot 12 gauge that has rust on it! 300 bucks and I can buy a nice new 2012 model something.  This state is crazy dumb, but I can go down and dump my mess there!  Maybe you have stuff to cash in??

If you live in DELAWARE you might be DUMB as a ..........

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  1. The other option is go stand outside and grab the good stuff for $200 apiece before they go inside...