Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ever Shop at Krogers?

Hero broke the rules.

OK, I get it.  He broke the rules. But bad guys know the rules. They also hate when law abiding, licensed, law abiding folks don't follow them.  Kruger is stupid if they fire this guy. But I know their lawyers will say they have to. If I owned a company I would have all my managers armed and trained, all other employees would be free to do as they see fit. The lawyers are part of the trouble, they make the rules to protect the liability of the company. It is cheaper to have an employee die than have a customer possibly wounded.  Remember kids, follow the money!  Always follow the money!

With a followup story explaining the conundrum that Krogers is in.

Me?  I am sending a positive e mail to Krogers. Won't hurt, huh?  Join me...

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