Friday, December 2, 2011

More Proof of Cowardice

The 3 robbers run off in 3 different directions.

My hypothesis is always that most criminals are opportunists, and when the balance of power is level or one sided, they run and hide like scared, yellow bellied, sap suckers.

The manager then pulled his own gun and, joined by the bar's security guard, traded gunfire with the bandits, police said.
The robbers fled in the three different directions, police said. The bar employees were not hurt.
 Also notice this is from a newspaper that is so far left it passed California on it's way.
No mention of Bar Owner defending himself and using his legally owned gun to stop him and his employee from getting shot. The Inky left wing rag says it is a gun battle. (Proof that they have never been in one!)

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  1. Yeah, not politically correct, so no coverage... dammit...