Monday, January 30, 2012

Fast and Furious Update

Thank you to the two people who e mailed me and asked for a F&F update.
I have 2 people following. Big news as of Friday DUMP of info by Justive.

Best explained here.

My dream of Holder being sent to jail is getting closer to fruition! He better get used to this view.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Same As You And Me, But Different?!?!

What if this wasn't 2 off duty cops and it was you versus me and my son?

I think we all know the answer to this...   It is cops like these, bad apples, that ruin the 80% of the good/great ones reputations.  I have always found these cops to generally be the young ones.
I support law enforcement in every way, but I want them to eliminate their "CODE" and clean out the bad guys amongst themselves. They know who they are.

Code of Silence.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Worst List Staring NJ, NY, MD, RI and CA

This is a list of Best and Worst states when it comes to total taxes. The top ten Best, numbered 1 to 10, all happened to be states that voted for John McCain in 2008. The last 10?  Obama states.  Need I say more?

South Dakota
North Carolina
New Hampshire
Rhode Island
New York
New Jersey

I only bring it here because I wanted to call out NY, NJ, California, Rhode Island and Maryland.

These State not only suck in taxes but you must wear a motorcycle helmet and it is almost impossible to get a gun carry license.  I give Wisconsin a pass, because it passed a carry law this year and their riding season or summer is on the last week of July and first week of August! Also, I will give a pass to North Carolina since their butthead Governor isn't running for a second term. When you can't win, you quit, right?
I have no understanding why Vermont and Iowa are on here.  BTW, PA came in a respectable 19th even after 8 years of a democrat as governor. (Repub house and Senate though)

Stay away from these wild nanny states.  

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Botched? No, Illegal Yes!!!

Simple Explanations Are Best

No effort was made to track the guns past the border (or, very often, even to the border).  When field agents tried to track them any farther than a few blocks from the gun shops, they were ordered to stand down their surveillance.  Nor is it the case that the plan was for Mexican authorities to be tipped about what was going on, so they could perform the surveillance.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Apathetic, Misinformed Gun Owner? What Are You?

Great story about what can kill us in November. Please inform your gun friendly friends.

  • Number TWO: President Barack Obama and his campaign staff – Everyone expects him to aggressively pursue an anti-gun agenda if elected to a second term as president. So, it is vital to the pro-gun community that every possible effort is made to see that he fails to win reelection.
  • Number ONE: The Apathetic, Misinformed, or Anti-gun Gun Owner – A united pro-gun community can easily defeat President Barack Obama, just as a unified gun community defeated former Democratic Presidential candidates Al Gore and John Kerry (D-MA). Sadly, there were just enough gun voters tricked by Barack Obama during the 2008 campaign that he was able to carry Ohio and therefore win the presidency.

H/T to  Gerard Valentino

Monday, January 23, 2012

GPA Placed on You or Vehicle Needs Warrant

The Supreme Court ruling is common sense to any constitutionalists.

H/T to Weer'd Beard.

I was following this 4th amendment case very closely. In this case, law enforcement placed a GPS tracker on this guys car, with ZERO warrant from a judge, and "followed his every move" for over a month. Then they busted him.

This is a gross miss use of law enforcements ability.  I try to explain to people what if it happened to you?  What if they decided to track any Acorn members?  Or NRA members?  How about Lutheran Religions, or Baptist? You say it couldn't happen???  Do you??  I say, look at the "legal" roadblocks that cops set up to supposedly stop drunk driving.  (Follow the money)
Gambling?  In my house, illegal.  State Lottery, Legal.  Gambling in my home, illegal, start a casino, allocate a huge tax to State, legal.  Are you getting it?  Governments will do anything they want if WE THE PEOPLE allow them to get away with it!!

Here is the ruling from Justice Scalia!  By the way, it was unanimous!! 
A major blow to the Obama Administration and Eric Holder! (Eric Holder should be in jail IMHO anyway)

My Snowy Saturday

This past Saturday, my wife and I took the NRA Range Officer class in Valley Forge, PA
For those of you who do not know of it, below is a description.

The NRA Range Safety Officer program was developed in response to the demand for a nationally-recognized range safety officer certification. NRA Range Safety Officers are people who possess the knowledge, skills, and attitude essential to organizing, conducting, and supervising safe shooting activities and range operations.
This course does not encompass the functions and responsibilities of a Range Officer, who conducts NRA competitive shooting events as defined by Rule 11.5 of the NRA Rule Books.
NRA Range Safety Officers must be 21 years of age or older.
The Range Safety Officer course consists of: Range Safety Officer’s roles and responsibilities, range standard operating procedures, range inspection and range rules, firearm stoppages and malfunctions, and Range Safety Briefings which include emergency procedures. Candidates must also receive 90 percent or better on the written exam.

It was me, my wife and 4 other men. One man drove in nasty snowy weather from South New Jersey.
3 other men, who are Chief Range Officers taught the class. I found it interesting that they had a selection of just about every type of action for us to familiarize ourselves with. Rifles were clip fed, magazine fed, tube fed, single shots, etc. Shotguns were pump, auto, O/U, S/S, and single break open. Pistols were single action revolver, double action revolver, break open revolver and semi autos, hammered and Striker fired.  They actually had 2 muskets also. One was flint, other percussion cap.
I had handled or had seen all of these in my past as a gun salesman, but it was nice to see them bring so many guns for display!

The reason my wife and I took this class?  Because it was close and reasonably priced.
Will we ever use our status as Range Officers?  Not sure, no plans on that yet!

Stolen From Joe Huffman So You Don't Miss It

I stole this link and entire quote for you to see how NY views your liberty. "The State will take care of you."  Yeah, right!!!
By: Joe Huffman Sunday, January 22, 2012 6:36:30 PM (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) ( Gun Rights | Quote of the Day )

New York state has enacted rational gun laws for one very simple reason: to protect everyone visiting, living, or working in New York.
Erin M. Duggan
January 21, 2012
Director of communications for the New York City district attorney's office.

New York gun law triggers confusion, arrests for visitors
[“Rational”? What part of “… the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” does Duggan have trouble understanding?
This is the same sort of person that would claim separate restaurants, drinking fountains and toilet facilities is “rational” too. I’m looking forward to the day when a Judge strikes those laws down and threatens the bigoted politicians, prosecuting attorneys, and polices officers with arrest and jail time when they fail to obey in a timely manner.—Joe]

When is a Navy Seal not a Seal??

When he enters the Communist State of New York!

Very poor writing by the reporter.  "Clips?" Red light violation and car gets searched?  Only in NY.
I will admit it seems strange that the Seal has no ID on him , my BS meter is going on full alert.
It just seems that cases like this one, the woman from Tennessee, the Veteran Marine from Indiana, the Tea Party executive from California are all going to help us (The gun law friendly folks) to get better laws as NY consistently breaks the Constitutional laws of the land! Personally I believe the Navy Seals are the toughest SOBs in the world, manly men above other regular men.
All of New York citizens should be hanging their head in shame today!!  

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Kentucky Constitutional Carry Bill

See it right here. 

So Arizona, Alaska, Vermont and Wyoming were 4.  Now think Kentucky, South Dakota and a rumored few others that have a chance?!?!  I am excited where this is going.  I still want National Reciprocity though! 
 The legislation would make the unlicensed carrying of a hidden deadly weapon legal and prohibit employers from having no-firearms policies that apply to buildings or parking areas. It also forbids companies from disciplining employees who have firearms in their vehicles or who use them for self-defense.
I love this above!!!   And this Below!!
 “You know I think anytime that we can reduce the amount of government interference in our life the better off that we’re going to be,” he says. “We shouldn’t be making criminals out of individuals who are law-abiding citizens.”

Freedom is Sexy!!!

Beat Down Cowards at 5 to 1

Sebastian, of PA Gun Blog has this one nailed, and is brilliant because he agrees with me!!
Another crazy beat down.  

Sebastian and I brilliantly agree! Here is my comment to him.
 I think you are brilliant. Only because I have been saying that for years. Nutter needs to train the law abiding folks. I have posted this exact brilliant answer in the Daily Times here in Delco in regards to Chester. Money should be spent on helping the people take back their city. A mobile target shooting trailer? Classes taught by mix of NRA certified and retired Philly LEOs.
And selling, at a deep discount, all the guns they have been melting down and discarding. (Have a gun turn in to help other who can’t afford them)
 When people ask why I carry a gun, I have more and more reason I can point to. I use to tell them I carry it for the things I can't think of, but avoiding this beating is exactly one reason!

The assault was so severe that McClay said police intend to charge the attackers with attempted murder.
Emphasis is mine.  See you in jail teenagers..   I hope they convict you all as adults. I also hope you get a cell mate named Bubba who likes young boys, a lot!

Pharmicist Want Guns in NY

Seems like they care about their safety, even if NY does not.

“I hate to say it — it’s either him or me. So we are going down that road again. We are going to apply for that pistol permit and I’m going to start carrying a gun again because the current situation has pushed me to this. It’s not something that I want to do. I hope I never have to use it,” Uniondale pharmacist Donald Cantalino said.
Don't all law abiding people say the same thing? "I hope I never have to use it!"

There is an online poll at the link, and it was 85% in favor when I was there.

It makes me laugh, that only one border away, here in Pennsylvania, it would take less than 30 days in most cases, no training(But I recommend it) and they would be ready to go and defend themselves from drug addicts!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Down With The Ship, He Should Still Be There!

Some people I know have reached out to me about the Italian Captain of the Costa Concordia abandoning his ship/post . I have rescued a few folks in my days in the Coast Guard, and I found more hero's than zeros. Honestly, I never remember one time where the person who was responsible for the boat/ship wasn't the last one to leave. I have picked up people floating in life jackets, and some were dads with their family. Dad didn't know navigation rules, but he instinctively insisted we get his wife and kids out of the water before him. Broken down fishing boat captains, made sure their guests and crew were safe before stepping over onto the Coast Guard boat I was skippering. (Although I will admit, occasionally I would have a crewman on board to assist) I could sum up the ability of the skipper.

The story has taken over various web sites and editorials are now being written.
The Captain is now under house arrest.
The rules are simple and explained very well in this phone conversation dialogue between the Ships Captain and the Italian Coast Guard Captain of the Port. (Officer of the Day)

In a dramatic phone conversation released Tuesday, a coast guard official was heard ordering the captain, who had abandoned the ship with his first officers, back on board to oversee the evacuation. But Capt. Francesco Schettino resisted the order, saying it was too dark and the ship was tipping dangerously.
"You go on board! Is that clear? Do you hear me?" the Coast Guard officer shouted as the captain of the grounded Costa Concordia sat safe in a life raft and frantic passengers struggled to escape after the ship rammed into a reef off the Tuscan coast.
"It is an order. Don't make any more excuses. You have declared 'Abandon ship.' Now I am in charge."
 "Listen Schettino," De Falco can be heard shouting in the audio tape. "There are people trapped on board. ... You go on board and then you will tell me how many people there are. Is that clear?"
But Schettino resisted, saying the ship was listing and he was with his second-in-command in the lifeboat.
"I am here with the rescue boats. I am here. I am not going anywhere. I am here," he said. "I am here to coordinate the rescue."
"What are you coordinating there? Go on board! Coordinate the rescue from aboard the ship. Are you refusing?" came the response.
Schettino said he was not refusing, but he still did not return to the ship, saying at one point: "Do you realize it is dark and here we can't see anything?"
De Falco shouted back: "And so what? You want to go home, Schettino? It is dark and you want to go home? Get on that prow of the boat using the pilot ladder and tell me what can be done, how many people there are and what their needs are. Now!"
The exchange also indicates that Schettino did not know anyone had died, with De Falco telling him at one point: "There are already bodies now, Schettino."
"How many bodies?" Schettino asks in a nervous tone.
"You are the one who has to tell me how many there are!" De Falco barks in response.
Schettino was finally heard on the tape agreeing to reboard. But the coast guard has said he never went back, and police arrested him on land several hours later.
 Emphasis is mine above.  Once a ship declares Abandon ship, the Coast Guard is in charge. BUT, the Captain is supposed to be the last one leaving their ship. Cowardice at sea, such as this, should not be tolerated. This Captains crew had to basically mutiny to get some things done.  Some of the crew will face charges as well.

My opinion?   He is responsible, for the wreck and the death of 11 of the 4300 people he was trusted to care for. I am only sorry that Keel Hauling is now outlawed for a sea punishment. Hanging from the yardarm, outlawed, too.  100 lashes? Out. He will probably get jail time. Doesn't seem like justice to me.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Must Have ID For Gun, Not To Vote?

Holder Exposes Gun Ownership Discrimination.

I see an incredible argument made here. I love people like David Codrea that make me really think!
More reasons we will continue to win!!

NY Gun Laws Exposed

Interesting little history lesson.

I found this a very cool story.  My Grandfather would have been in NY at and around this timeline.
He owned a bar. And a couple guns.

Non PC Gun Rules.

H/T to Daily Caller

1. Guns have only two enemies rust and politicians.
2. It’s always better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.
3. Cops carry guns to protect themselves, not you.
4. Never let someone or something that threatens you get inside arms length.
5. Never say, “I’ve got a gun.” If you need to use deadly force, the first sound they hear should be the safety clicking off.
6. The average response time of a 911 call is 23 minutes; the response time of a .357 is 1400 feet per second.
7. The most important rule in a gunfight is: Always win – cheat if necessary.
8. Make your attacker advance through a wall of bullets . . . You may get killed with your own gun, but he’ll have to beat you to death with it, because it’ll be empty.
9. If you’re in a gunfight:
- If you’re not shooting, you should be loading.
-  If you’re not loading, you should be moving.
-  If you’re not moving, you’re dead.
10. In a life and death situation, do something . . . It may be wrong, but do something!
11. If you carry a gun, people call you paranoid. Nonsense! If you have a gun, what do you have to be paranoid about?
12. You can say ‘stop’ or ‘alto’ or any other word, but a large bore muzzle pointed at someone’s head is pretty much a universal language.
13. You cannot save the planet, but you may be able to save yourself and your family.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Stupidity On Display

Another Stupid State Speaks!

Swampscott police spokesman said at the time, “We don’t urge anybody to fight back. We want them to call us.”
So a man sees someone breaking into his truck in front of his house, and he confronts the criminal, and detains him for police by punching him in the face, and the Husband.Dad/Law Abiding guy is charged with a crime??  Someone slap me, please!!  WTF, Over!

Massachusetts should be ashamed of themselves!!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Stubborn or Principled??

Like everyone else I get a bug up my butt occasionally! I was an elected official, I know how much power We the People have. You have to get out there and vote, and let them know you vote!
So when I tell you I don't travel or vacation in New Jersey, or when I tell you I will not enter the State of New York and spend one dollar there, I also tell them that. They don't care, really. But I feel better telling them why. So I write to Bloomberg, and Christi and Cuomo and give them a nice, polite reminder that I am only one, but I have the courage to write and let them know who I am and what I think. Sometimes I get a letter back, most times I do not. Lately, I have written to a number of New York elected officials and asked them how they allowed these 4 law abiding folks to be arrested and face up to 15 years in jail, or minimum 3 years?  I ask them who in their right mind would want to come there, when basic Rights are over ruled by draconian unconstitutional laws?
The reason I am on this rant, is I got a e mail from the West Chester Chamber of Commerce asking me to come back to West Chester and shop. I had stopped shopping there when they sent a Constable to my house and placed a HUGE ORANGE sticker on my front glass storm door, saying they were there to collect a 65 dollar ticket or arrest me, mentioning cuffs,too ! TWICE..(My one sons name was co owner on the car, he parked there and it was 3:00 AM while he loaded musical equipment, I truly hate that you can get a parking ticket anywhere at 3:00 AM)
So, I paid the ticket for my son, and I sent letters to the Chamber of Commerce, the Rotary and the Borough letting them know their little town will not get one dime from me EVER again. I also let some places I shop out know what I was doing. So my Music shop, didn't get any money from me this year, the food places didn't get any of Danny's money in 2011 and I eat good. Guess who I heard from first?  The businesses responded, asking me to change my mind. But I apologized and told them they need to assure me there stupid rules have been changed. I got to reply to the Chamber earlier, and told them not only am I not coming back, but I will be blogging about it again today! 

So am I stubborn or principled?

From Jennifers Head, Excellent Post

Please, please read this!  Make your mother, wife, sisters, cousins, and any woman you have influence to help read this!
Powerfully written! Ladies, please learn to shoot and protect yourself.  Scumbags like the guy in this link are out there. I want you to have equal strength when you say NO!!

Mark Meckler Speaks Out

He is free to talk now.

As I traveled through LaGuardia that morning, I passed TSA signs telling me I had the right to check this unloaded firearm in my luggage, and that I am required by law to declare the firearm to the ticketing agent.  This is exactly what I did.
They put those signs there for the 6 people in all of NY that have a license??
Why couldn't NY just say, "We made a mistake, here is your gun, we are sorry?" (I know, LIABILITY)

Updated to Include Meredith Graves possible plea deal in the works.

This reminds of the guy arrested when his plane was diverted. He was flying into Philly, but weather shut down Philly. The plane landed in NJ, Newark. It was after midnight and he decided to get a hotel and fly into Philly following day. His weapon was legally placed in his luggage. He went to the get his luggage off the NJ airport luggage pickup and walked to a nearby hotel at the airport.  Next day he walks back and LEGALLY declares his weapon AGAIN to get back to where he was going. He is arrested for carrying a weapon in NJ. No Shit!! No forgiveness for his decision, no where in the airport for him to store his luggage. He was guilty EVEN if he left his luggage there in the terminal.

Where is the common sense left in the world?  There should be an appointed judge who has been tested to have a HUGE grasp of common sense. They should go to him or her and say the story. His gasp of, "That isn't fair" should be considered a final ruling that the government is occasionally stupid.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

How Does This Skank Get Elected?

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is a SKANK.

I am not a Tea Party member, I do read their stuff and agree with many of their positions. I can honestly say that I have not a more civil and respective group in my whole life. To make any connection to Gabriel Giffords tragic shooting and equate it at all with a conservative movement is ludicrous.(And that is me being nice.) She could not make one demonstrable comment if it stood up a bit her on the ass.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I Said This Over Week Ago!!

Here is where I said it, weeks ago now.

Now we have furor about it by a serious group, SAF.  What took them so long?
This woman, and the now over 3 other folks arrested in the State of New York, have been needlessly detained and embarrassed. It is my hope that shakes down Mayor Mike for some serious cash, and then donates it all to knock down his draconian gun laws in his State.
That's the nicest thing I can say.

Bloomberg is a thug, a rich thug, but a thug non the less! 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Girl and Her Gun

Please read this!!

She has commented on my blog!  She is a good writer!

Todays Mom Article

Boys play with guns because they are, uhhhh, Boys!!!

There is a little survey on the page we should all visit!!
My sons all had toy guns, nerf, water blasters and at times two clothspins hooked together!
Now they want to play airsoft with friends! I am so proud!

Habit Forming

Ohio Man Arrested in NY for having guns. 

He makes 3 in the last couple weeks!  An Ohio resident with License to carry in Ohio and 23 other States, is arrested in guess where?????   New York!!   I keep forgetting that State is outside of the United States.  Let's go over the States that are not truly following the 2nd amendment, shall we?
  1. New York! No guns unless you are dirty rich or your Bloombergs body guard.
  2. New Jersey! High Taxes, Motorcycle helmets and No guns. They don't want freedom there.
  3. Maryland! You can get a license to carry if a panel, paid to say no, says yes! If you are rich and tell them, they raise your taxes, but no guns.
  4. California! Land of Fruit, Nuts and Flakes. You can't even carry an empty gun there. 
  5. Illinois! Not in their State constitution, managed by Chicago. Mayor Emmanuel is really in charge of the State and he knows that! Residents there are powerless and pussies!!
  6. Hawaii! Even Dog the bounty hunter can't get any protection, or his wife, or his kids.
So out of 50 States, these are your 6 outlanders.  They grab onto Federal laws when it comes to abortions, but not the constitution when talking guns. That's right, I said the "A" word. 

 We need National Reciprocity(1) now!! 

(1)  Still not going to get Illinois, until those pussies make some changes. 

Monday, January 9, 2012

Late as Usual!

Joining in on the Weer'd Beard theme of lighting a candle to stop violence with a twist. We are still decorated for the Christmas Holiday! 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Concealed Carry Myths

Concealed Carry Myths I like.

  1. Carry Only When Needed
  2. Empty Chambers are Happy Chambers
  3. Women Should Only Shoot .22s/38s/
  4.  Practice Gun Zen
  5.  Hand Me Down That Gun
I am certain my face shows distress when I hear someone say they have a CCW permit but they “…only carry it when I think I might need it.” My patent answer to that statement is, “If you think you are going to need a gun, don’t go there.” Or more aptly, “If you know you need a gun you should take a rifle or a shotgun, not a concealed handgun.”
Agreed, even I have said it. Now I try to just add it to my daily dressing schedule!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

This From Canada Against NY Stupidity

A couple of Canadians know better than Bloomberg. Canadian Free Press Letter to Bloomberg

Mr. Mayor, when your gun laws are so crazy that even a member of the city council is compelled to admit it, you’re in trouble. When you perpetuate such laws and pretend they are sensible, you’re in denial. When you defend laws that persecute honest citizens; laws that epitomize the term “infringement” and clearly violate the Constitution, you’re in the Twilight Zone.
New York is not a city-state, but part of the United States. The Constitution applies there as it does in the rest of the nation, from Fairbanks to Fort Lauderdale. It is time for you to admit that.
We will WIN in totality!

57 Degrees on 1/7/2012 Now 63.....LOL

God bless Global warming, I mean Climate Change, I mean...uh...  God bless warm weather in January!
My day started with donating an old car to the Purple Heart guys and gals. It was a great old car, and had served us well, starting off as our first MiniVan. It had safely taken us on many trips to the North Myrtle Beach house. It toted 4 kids, my wife and I, and all the summer trimmings. Bikes, 4 of them, luggage for all, beach gear (Umbrella, chairs, towels, toys) other miscellaneous things.(Fishing gear, crab traps, and always more on the way home!)
So as it was being towed out for donation, I was having nostalgic thoughts of the good times we had as we, as a family, spent in that vehicle. 10 hours to South Carolina, each way. Trips to Grandmoms, with booster seats and car seats, and portable DVD players.  It's funny how your memories work. It ran great and always started, can't ask for much more than that!! I will miss it a little!
Then it was time to disassemble the front outside Christmas decorations. Wearing only a long sleeve shirt and enjoying the sun warmed temps of 57 degrees.  Ahhhhhh.
I am having trouble with my monster snow blower. The wheels will not roll. I tore it all apart and can not discern  the issue.  The gears are good, the skid plat is tight. But the wheels will not roll, they are seized. So now I have to send it off to the shop and wait for the big huge bill that always comes from doing this. But I have a long, long and then wide driveway and doing it by hand would take forever. So repair bill will come.  Hope they can pick it up next week!  Since it doesn't roll I can't load it into the bed of my truck. SUX, so add a pick up fee too! 

My buddy Bryan had his hernia operation and I talked to him last night. He is doing good and has people watching him. I was going to get up there, but now maybe tomorrow. He is off his bike for 4 to 6 weeks. So his mileage will suffer this year. But if I know him, he will make it up with a couple cross country in 48 hours ride or something!

I will ride tomorrow!!

Hunters?? NRA Friends or Foes?

This is going to be a story of concern. There will not be a ton of facts in this story to back up my statements, so if you are looking for the facts, do the research yourself! A while ago I was approached by a friend who asked me if I wanted to join his hunting organization. It consisted of private property access of land that the organization owned that backed up to State Game lands. So, all the members were the only ones allowed access to this 40 acre property. Membership was limited. You could bring a trailer and a 4 runner up there, and shoot all day during non hunting season.

Are you getting this? 

So after I looked around a bit at other property owners surrounding the game lands I noticed a pattern.  This was being done all around this particular trek of State game land. Some of you reading this might call me naive, but it was a huge eye opener for me. So if all the property surrounding on all sides the State game is owned by private cliques, what happens to the normal "not invited" to the group hunters areas?

So let's go back to the hundreds of years ago when I hunted. The summer was spent driving to meet owners of the property who were farmers and cattlemen/sheep herders. You took a token offering of a case of beer or bottle of Jack Daniel, and you shook hands and asked permission to hunt on their property. You would always supply them with some of the kill, deer sausage, pheasant, turkey or whatever game you took.  It was civilized and respectful. When I hunted deer it was on a persons property that owned the land, and we stayed with him in his house. The land owner loved the company. You would meet other people this private landowner liked and respected for various reasons.  He was also quick to tell people they were not invited back, as I have witnessed. Show him that you were not gun safe, or not a good drunk and out you went with little fanfare.

Now to today, hunters are greeted by NO trespassing signs, no hunting signs! Guess who owns the ANTI hunting sign now a days? Other groups of selective hunters. Can you believe that?? 
So my story to you all today is be careful if you become one of these people, you are excluding and limiting gun rights/hunting option to the population. Because some younger guy can not afford 1000 dollars a year to join a hunting camp organization, doesn't make him not a hunter nor does it make you a better one. You become an exclusionist. You are selfishly cutting your self off from others. 

The NRA has recently had a serious infusion of new members that are all about self defense. As more and more carry laws get expanding, and the NRA membership balances more to one side, I think there will be serious changes coming. Educating hunters that are members/Life members or higher to their exclusionary practices would be a step forward for the NRA to take now! 

My sadness is that I know many people who could fill their freezer with fresh meat for the winter if they could get easy access to land. These are folks that need the meat, not hobby meat with a bonus, which is how I see the rich folks with hunting organizations and property.  Even local to me, the Ridley State Park hunt is a lottery that you pay into, on top of your hunting license, so even the state is selective and finance driven.

Hunters/Sportsman/Archery/Self defense folks need to be INclusionary of one another, these cliques are what divide us and keep us fighting amongst ourselves. Wound like these enable our foes to freely pour salt in them and tear us down.  Please let me know your thoughts?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The True Enemy

The truth?  The enemy is the anti gun crowd.  Read this story, and tell me this house not having a gun in it would have ended well??  Go ahead, I will wait.

You back?  Incredible, huh?  This is why I write stories and this is why I want everyone to carry a weapon. This could happen to anyone of us. One day it's a 18 year old mother of a baby, a recent widow at 18. Then days before, it's a kid and his older sister in their rural home. One day it was 21 minutes, the next it was over 15. The cops can not be everywhere.  Be prepared and able to defend your self and your loved ones.
Now our idiotic, deluded anti crime creeps will say there is no proof that anyone would have been hurt if they had let the crime occur. They will lie, mislead and attempt to dissuade you.  Don't fall for it.
Know the truth!
Updated with a story on the elderly taking care of business. 90 years old.  H/T to NFO

Sadness But Understandable

8th Grader shot after not following command to drop his gun. 

Turned out to be a pellet gun. Sad. The parents want the cops to shoot to wound, their little angel was killed. I am saddened, but the cops, as I read it as reported, were correct. I am surprised it was only 3 shots honestly! More to this story will come out as it is a tragedy.

Blaming the cops in this instance is not the way to go.

21 Incredibly Long Minutes

21 minutes. Think about that. That is how long it took police to get to a panic stricken young mother whose house was being invaded. The low life scum sucking criminals knew, in my humble opinion, that her husband had just died of cancer a week before. The scum attempted to gain access before by being the "sweet caring neighbor" and using that routine. But when cowards can't do it the easy way they will get help and attempt to force things. Scum sucker did and the young mom, with her child on her lap, shot the bastard with a shotgun.
Watch and listen to that audio recording on the link. I am glad I am not a dispatcher.  I would not have said "I can't tell you what to do," I would have said, "Shoot the scum sucking bastard before he hurts you!" 
I hope the woman gets relocated by police and the city.
In a completely ADD moment, years ago, before we had Castle Doctrine protections, the surviving members of the criminals family would sue the person who shot and killed/wounded their "Angel"!
Many people lost money defending their action against this opportunistic bastards and judges allowed for this civil liability. Now I have a question. Why couldn't this woman sue the family of this criminal who she had to kill, for raising a scum sucking child who lived to threaten and young 18 year old mom and her baby??  They obviously failed to raise him right. They didn't teach him the obvious child's lesson of right and wrong.  I am wishing we turn the tide and use some of the nasty after attack tactics that the bottom feeders use to send a message!  (We are pissed off and we are not going to take it anymore!)  Or maybe we just keep defending ourselves and lowering their future chances 1 scum sucker at a time? 

God bless this woman and I pray she can get the counseling she will most definitely need!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

10 MIllion 800 Thousand and More!!

From Ammoland

The final number, of 10,800,000, is considered conservative by experts because the this number does not account for the multiple purchase of guns at the same time or the guns bought and sold legally, person to person by US residents, which rightly so, do not require a back ground check.

Read it all and I liked the picture!!

Motorcycle Update!

Snowy Days
Looks like there will be a couple of scheduled rides this weekend in my area, of course they will both conflict at the same date and time.  I am pretty sure this is on purpose as one dealer fights against another. But I am torn against which one to go to. One is the Chili Willy ride, and this will make 14 years for this ride. The other is the dealer I bought my bike at and my HOG clubs sponsoring dealer.
The weather on Sunday looks cold and possibly wet, so I want to choose well. Cold weather riding brings some lessons I have learned over the many years of riding year round.
  1. Layers are good, as long as you don't look like the Michelin Man.
  2. Heated gear is better. Expensive, but get a piece a year.(Gloved first IMHO)
  3. A balaclava made for motorcycling is incredible. Cover that neck area.
  4. Wool socks, heavy wool socks. 
  5. Shine your boots. Keeps wind and wet out.(And you look nice)
  6. Warm up your bike at least 2 minutes if under 30 degrees. 20/50 weight oil is great, but heat it up.
  7. Road salt will eat at your electronic plastics that are exposed. Wash it off sooner than later.
So me? I start with long johns, one piece, with flap seat. Then my jeans and wool socks. Then a long sleeve shirt and a sweat whisking t shirt under. Then on goes my boots, then my chaps. Add a fleece and then my leather jacket. Balaclava, helmet, glasses and last is my gloves. Start your bike then put on last stuff. Now go ride.
Chilly Willy

More Woman Who Get It!

Pistol Packing Mamas!

In many cases, women lack the physical ability to defend themselves against or outrun would-be assailants. Intangible factors that make women vulnerable are heightened when traveling because of a tourist’s lack of familiarity with her surroundings and local trends in crime.
Taking away a woman’s access to effective means of self-defense makes her an even more attractive target. As a woman and a concealed-carry permit holder, I should not have my right and my ability to protect myself and my family depend on what state issues my permit.

I couldn't agree more.  Make sure all your woman read and understand this woman's position!
I need to get my sister and niece to the range!!

Poster Child

Meredeth Graves could be our ace in the hole!

I have some advice for NY, just honor gun licenses with reciprocity and see what happens?
New York needs to know there must be hundreds, maybe thousands of people like me that may never step foot in their State to spend my travel money, Broadway money, cab fair, food bill and parking fees due to their draconian laws. When I come there I want the same ability to protect me and my family I have in over 30 other states!  Get with the program NY.  You have lost the war, it is time to join in and adopt American freedom.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

There is Some Sanity In NY City!

NY laws are unconstitutional.

I know about 10 million folks who agree!!  4.5 are members of the NRA, the other 5.5 think they are members of the NRA.

Brady Bunch is Done!!

True life happening where the good guys win!

It has to be hard to be wrong so often! So often that you have to resort to lying.

Bloomberg and his Mayors have their hands full with various people arrested for ASKING security for a place to check their weapons.     Meredeth Graves here.

So now we are locking up law abiding citizens who want to carry in the USA.  Interesting!!

Let Freedom Ring Baby!

Wisconsin is overwhelmed by demand for Concealed Carry permit applications.

Paying 50 bucks, going through gun training and having an extensive background check.
Of the 65,000 already applied for, 800 were refused, but because the applicants address on the records did not match the database.  (No criminals applied, hear that Brady/MAIG?)
Law abiding folks doing what they do, following the laws and seeking to be able to help themselves!