Thursday, January 5, 2012

21 Incredibly Long Minutes

21 minutes. Think about that. That is how long it took police to get to a panic stricken young mother whose house was being invaded. The low life scum sucking criminals knew, in my humble opinion, that her husband had just died of cancer a week before. The scum attempted to gain access before by being the "sweet caring neighbor" and using that routine. But when cowards can't do it the easy way they will get help and attempt to force things. Scum sucker did and the young mom, with her child on her lap, shot the bastard with a shotgun.
Watch and listen to that audio recording on the link. I am glad I am not a dispatcher.  I would not have said "I can't tell you what to do," I would have said, "Shoot the scum sucking bastard before he hurts you!" 
I hope the woman gets relocated by police and the city.
In a completely ADD moment, years ago, before we had Castle Doctrine protections, the surviving members of the criminals family would sue the person who shot and killed/wounded their "Angel"!
Many people lost money defending their action against this opportunistic bastards and judges allowed for this civil liability. Now I have a question. Why couldn't this woman sue the family of this criminal who she had to kill, for raising a scum sucking child who lived to threaten and young 18 year old mom and her baby??  They obviously failed to raise him right. They didn't teach him the obvious child's lesson of right and wrong.  I am wishing we turn the tide and use some of the nasty after attack tactics that the bottom feeders use to send a message!  (We are pissed off and we are not going to take it anymore!)  Or maybe we just keep defending ourselves and lowering their future chances 1 scum sucker at a time? 

God bless this woman and I pray she can get the counseling she will most definitely need!

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