Saturday, January 7, 2012

57 Degrees on 1/7/2012 Now 63.....LOL

God bless Global warming, I mean Climate Change, I mean...uh...  God bless warm weather in January!
My day started with donating an old car to the Purple Heart guys and gals. It was a great old car, and had served us well, starting off as our first MiniVan. It had safely taken us on many trips to the North Myrtle Beach house. It toted 4 kids, my wife and I, and all the summer trimmings. Bikes, 4 of them, luggage for all, beach gear (Umbrella, chairs, towels, toys) other miscellaneous things.(Fishing gear, crab traps, and always more on the way home!)
So as it was being towed out for donation, I was having nostalgic thoughts of the good times we had as we, as a family, spent in that vehicle. 10 hours to South Carolina, each way. Trips to Grandmoms, with booster seats and car seats, and portable DVD players.  It's funny how your memories work. It ran great and always started, can't ask for much more than that!! I will miss it a little!
Then it was time to disassemble the front outside Christmas decorations. Wearing only a long sleeve shirt and enjoying the sun warmed temps of 57 degrees.  Ahhhhhh.
I am having trouble with my monster snow blower. The wheels will not roll. I tore it all apart and can not discern  the issue.  The gears are good, the skid plat is tight. But the wheels will not roll, they are seized. So now I have to send it off to the shop and wait for the big huge bill that always comes from doing this. But I have a long, long and then wide driveway and doing it by hand would take forever. So repair bill will come.  Hope they can pick it up next week!  Since it doesn't roll I can't load it into the bed of my truck. SUX, so add a pick up fee too! 

My buddy Bryan had his hernia operation and I talked to him last night. He is doing good and has people watching him. I was going to get up there, but now maybe tomorrow. He is off his bike for 4 to 6 weeks. So his mileage will suffer this year. But if I know him, he will make it up with a couple cross country in 48 hours ride or something!

I will ride tomorrow!!


  1. Enjoy, and thanks for the donation... EVERY little bit helps! Ride safe my friend!

  2. Always donate my old cars to Purple Heart. This will be our 4th or 5th. We have donated furniture and tons of good clothes.

    I wish more people would hook them up!