Sunday, January 8, 2012

Concealed Carry Myths

Concealed Carry Myths I like.

  1. Carry Only When Needed
  2. Empty Chambers are Happy Chambers
  3. Women Should Only Shoot .22s/38s/
  4.  Practice Gun Zen
  5.  Hand Me Down That Gun
I am certain my face shows distress when I hear someone say they have a CCW permit but they “…only carry it when I think I might need it.” My patent answer to that statement is, “If you think you are going to need a gun, don’t go there.” Or more aptly, “If you know you need a gun you should take a rifle or a shotgun, not a concealed handgun.”
Agreed, even I have said it. Now I try to just add it to my daily dressing schedule!


  1. Better yet, go there with friends with rifles.

    Or even better, stand off a few miles and call in an arty strike.

    The "I'll only carry it where I think I might need it" mindset just kills me.

    Have they not heard of Von Maur? Virginia Tech?

  2. All 'good' myths... sigh...

  3. We need to pick a weekend in the year and plant it as National Take a Friend to the Range Day!
    All ranges would have open houses and have gregarious folks walking and talking to new shooters. Hmmmmm?? Brilliant...