Monday, January 23, 2012

GPA Placed on You or Vehicle Needs Warrant

The Supreme Court ruling is common sense to any constitutionalists.

H/T to Weer'd Beard.

I was following this 4th amendment case very closely. In this case, law enforcement placed a GPS tracker on this guys car, with ZERO warrant from a judge, and "followed his every move" for over a month. Then they busted him.

This is a gross miss use of law enforcements ability.  I try to explain to people what if it happened to you?  What if they decided to track any Acorn members?  Or NRA members?  How about Lutheran Religions, or Baptist? You say it couldn't happen???  Do you??  I say, look at the "legal" roadblocks that cops set up to supposedly stop drunk driving.  (Follow the money)
Gambling?  In my house, illegal.  State Lottery, Legal.  Gambling in my home, illegal, start a casino, allocate a huge tax to State, legal.  Are you getting it?  Governments will do anything they want if WE THE PEOPLE allow them to get away with it!!

Here is the ruling from Justice Scalia!  By the way, it was unanimous!! 
A major blow to the Obama Administration and Eric Holder! (Eric Holder should be in jail IMHO anyway)


  1. And Obama would be MORE than happy to see SCOTUS go entirely the other way... sigh

  2. That was what caught my eye, also!! Even his liberal appointees couldn't swallow this obvious theft of liberty!!