Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Habit Forming

Ohio Man Arrested in NY for having guns. 

He makes 3 in the last couple weeks!  An Ohio resident with License to carry in Ohio and 23 other States, is arrested in guess where?????   New York!!   I keep forgetting that State is outside of the United States.  Let's go over the States that are not truly following the 2nd amendment, shall we?
  1. New York! No guns unless you are dirty rich or your Bloombergs body guard.
  2. New Jersey! High Taxes, Motorcycle helmets and No guns. They don't want freedom there.
  3. Maryland! You can get a license to carry if a panel, paid to say no, says yes! If you are rich and tell them, they raise your taxes, but no guns.
  4. California! Land of Fruit, Nuts and Flakes. You can't even carry an empty gun there. 
  5. Illinois! Not in their State constitution, managed by Chicago. Mayor Emmanuel is really in charge of the State and he knows that! Residents there are powerless and pussies!!
  6. Hawaii! Even Dog the bounty hunter can't get any protection, or his wife, or his kids.
So out of 50 States, these are your 6 outlanders.  They grab onto Federal laws when it comes to abortions, but not the constitution when talking guns. That's right, I said the "A" word. 

 We need National Reciprocity(1) now!! 

(1)  Still not going to get Illinois, until those pussies make some changes. 

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