Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hunters?? NRA Friends or Foes?

This is going to be a story of concern. There will not be a ton of facts in this story to back up my statements, so if you are looking for the facts, do the research yourself! A while ago I was approached by a friend who asked me if I wanted to join his hunting organization. It consisted of private property access of land that the organization owned that backed up to State Game lands. So, all the members were the only ones allowed access to this 40 acre property. Membership was limited. You could bring a trailer and a 4 runner up there, and shoot all day during non hunting season.

Are you getting this? 

So after I looked around a bit at other property owners surrounding the game lands I noticed a pattern.  This was being done all around this particular trek of State game land. Some of you reading this might call me naive, but it was a huge eye opener for me. So if all the property surrounding on all sides the State game is owned by private cliques, what happens to the normal "not invited" to the group hunters areas?

So let's go back to the hundreds of years ago when I hunted. The summer was spent driving to meet owners of the property who were farmers and cattlemen/sheep herders. You took a token offering of a case of beer or bottle of Jack Daniel, and you shook hands and asked permission to hunt on their property. You would always supply them with some of the kill, deer sausage, pheasant, turkey or whatever game you took.  It was civilized and respectful. When I hunted deer it was on a persons property that owned the land, and we stayed with him in his house. The land owner loved the company. You would meet other people this private landowner liked and respected for various reasons.  He was also quick to tell people they were not invited back, as I have witnessed. Show him that you were not gun safe, or not a good drunk and out you went with little fanfare.

Now to today, hunters are greeted by NO trespassing signs, no hunting signs! Guess who owns the ANTI hunting sign now a days? Other groups of selective hunters. Can you believe that?? 
So my story to you all today is be careful if you become one of these people, you are excluding and limiting gun rights/hunting option to the population. Because some younger guy can not afford 1000 dollars a year to join a hunting camp organization, doesn't make him not a hunter nor does it make you a better one. You become an exclusionist. You are selfishly cutting your self off from others. 

The NRA has recently had a serious infusion of new members that are all about self defense. As more and more carry laws get expanding, and the NRA membership balances more to one side, I think there will be serious changes coming. Educating hunters that are members/Life members or higher to their exclusionary practices would be a step forward for the NRA to take now! 

My sadness is that I know many people who could fill their freezer with fresh meat for the winter if they could get easy access to land. These are folks that need the meat, not hobby meat with a bonus, which is how I see the rich folks with hunting organizations and property.  Even local to me, the Ridley State Park hunt is a lottery that you pay into, on top of your hunting license, so even the state is selective and finance driven.

Hunters/Sportsman/Archery/Self defense folks need to be INclusionary of one another, these cliques are what divide us and keep us fighting amongst ourselves. Wound like these enable our foes to freely pour salt in them and tear us down.  Please let me know your thoughts?


  1. hey interesting blog i enjoyed reading it ,and its very good that the membership is limited and we have 40 acres to hunt just for limited people.
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  2. What do the new wantabe hunters do? They are being boxed out.

    Thanks for stopping in and for the compliment!!