Thursday, January 19, 2012

Kentucky Constitutional Carry Bill

See it right here. 

So Arizona, Alaska, Vermont and Wyoming were 4.  Now think Kentucky, South Dakota and a rumored few others that have a chance?!?!  I am excited where this is going.  I still want National Reciprocity though! 
 The legislation would make the unlicensed carrying of a hidden deadly weapon legal and prohibit employers from having no-firearms policies that apply to buildings or parking areas. It also forbids companies from disciplining employees who have firearms in their vehicles or who use them for self-defense.
I love this above!!!   And this Below!!
 “You know I think anytime that we can reduce the amount of government interference in our life the better off that we’re going to be,” he says. “We shouldn’t be making criminals out of individuals who are law-abiding citizens.”

Freedom is Sexy!!!


  1. Yeah, but you and I both know the Senate will NOT pass reciprocity!

  2. Fantastic! Now if we could get that everywhere.

  3. NFO: Maybe after the debacle in NY lately??

    Jennifer: From your luscious lips to God's ears.