Friday, January 13, 2012

Mark Meckler Speaks Out

He is free to talk now.

As I traveled through LaGuardia that morning, I passed TSA signs telling me I had the right to check this unloaded firearm in my luggage, and that I am required by law to declare the firearm to the ticketing agent.  This is exactly what I did.
They put those signs there for the 6 people in all of NY that have a license??
Why couldn't NY just say, "We made a mistake, here is your gun, we are sorry?" (I know, LIABILITY)

Updated to Include Meredith Graves possible plea deal in the works.

This reminds of the guy arrested when his plane was diverted. He was flying into Philly, but weather shut down Philly. The plane landed in NJ, Newark. It was after midnight and he decided to get a hotel and fly into Philly following day. His weapon was legally placed in his luggage. He went to the get his luggage off the NJ airport luggage pickup and walked to a nearby hotel at the airport.  Next day he walks back and LEGALLY declares his weapon AGAIN to get back to where he was going. He is arrested for carrying a weapon in NJ. No Shit!! No forgiveness for his decision, no where in the airport for him to store his luggage. He was guilty EVEN if he left his luggage there in the terminal.

Where is the common sense left in the world?  There should be an appointed judge who has been tested to have a HUGE grasp of common sense. They should go to him or her and say the story. His gasp of, "That isn't fair" should be considered a final ruling that the government is occasionally stupid.

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