Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Motorcycle Update!

Snowy Days
Looks like there will be a couple of scheduled rides this weekend in my area, of course they will both conflict at the same date and time.  I am pretty sure this is on purpose as one dealer fights against another. But I am torn against which one to go to. One is the Chili Willy ride, and this will make 14 years for this ride. The other is the dealer I bought my bike at and my HOG clubs sponsoring dealer.
The weather on Sunday looks cold and possibly wet, so I want to choose well. Cold weather riding brings some lessons I have learned over the many years of riding year round.
  1. Layers are good, as long as you don't look like the Michelin Man.
  2. Heated gear is better. Expensive, but get a piece a year.(Gloved first IMHO)
  3. A balaclava made for motorcycling is incredible. Cover that neck area.
  4. Wool socks, heavy wool socks. 
  5. Shine your boots. Keeps wind and wet out.(And you look nice)
  6. Warm up your bike at least 2 minutes if under 30 degrees. 20/50 weight oil is great, but heat it up.
  7. Road salt will eat at your electronic plastics that are exposed. Wash it off sooner than later.
So me? I start with long johns, one piece, with flap seat. Then my jeans and wool socks. Then a long sleeve shirt and a sweat whisking t shirt under. Then on goes my boots, then my chaps. Add a fleece and then my leather jacket. Balaclava, helmet, glasses and last is my gloves. Start your bike then put on last stuff. Now go ride.
Chilly Willy

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