Thursday, January 19, 2012

Beat Down Cowards at 5 to 1

Sebastian, of PA Gun Blog has this one nailed, and is brilliant because he agrees with me!!
Another crazy beat down.  

Sebastian and I brilliantly agree! Here is my comment to him.
 I think you are brilliant. Only because I have been saying that for years. Nutter needs to train the law abiding folks. I have posted this exact brilliant answer in the Daily Times here in Delco in regards to Chester. Money should be spent on helping the people take back their city. A mobile target shooting trailer? Classes taught by mix of NRA certified and retired Philly LEOs.
And selling, at a deep discount, all the guns they have been melting down and discarding. (Have a gun turn in to help other who can’t afford them)
 When people ask why I carry a gun, I have more and more reason I can point to. I use to tell them I carry it for the things I can't think of, but avoiding this beating is exactly one reason!

The assault was so severe that McClay said police intend to charge the attackers with attempted murder.
Emphasis is mine.  See you in jail teenagers..   I hope they convict you all as adults. I also hope you get a cell mate named Bubba who likes young boys, a lot!

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