Friday, January 13, 2012

Stubborn or Principled??

Like everyone else I get a bug up my butt occasionally! I was an elected official, I know how much power We the People have. You have to get out there and vote, and let them know you vote!
So when I tell you I don't travel or vacation in New Jersey, or when I tell you I will not enter the State of New York and spend one dollar there, I also tell them that. They don't care, really. But I feel better telling them why. So I write to Bloomberg, and Christi and Cuomo and give them a nice, polite reminder that I am only one, but I have the courage to write and let them know who I am and what I think. Sometimes I get a letter back, most times I do not. Lately, I have written to a number of New York elected officials and asked them how they allowed these 4 law abiding folks to be arrested and face up to 15 years in jail, or minimum 3 years?  I ask them who in their right mind would want to come there, when basic Rights are over ruled by draconian unconstitutional laws?
The reason I am on this rant, is I got a e mail from the West Chester Chamber of Commerce asking me to come back to West Chester and shop. I had stopped shopping there when they sent a Constable to my house and placed a HUGE ORANGE sticker on my front glass storm door, saying they were there to collect a 65 dollar ticket or arrest me, mentioning cuffs,too ! TWICE..(My one sons name was co owner on the car, he parked there and it was 3:00 AM while he loaded musical equipment, I truly hate that you can get a parking ticket anywhere at 3:00 AM)
So, I paid the ticket for my son, and I sent letters to the Chamber of Commerce, the Rotary and the Borough letting them know their little town will not get one dime from me EVER again. I also let some places I shop out know what I was doing. So my Music shop, didn't get any money from me this year, the food places didn't get any of Danny's money in 2011 and I eat good. Guess who I heard from first?  The businesses responded, asking me to change my mind. But I apologized and told them they need to assure me there stupid rules have been changed. I got to reply to the Chamber earlier, and told them not only am I not coming back, but I will be blogging about it again today! 

So am I stubborn or principled?


  1. Principled... and you back it up with actions! :-)

  2. NFO: I only wish I could do more!