Thursday, January 5, 2012

The True Enemy

The truth?  The enemy is the anti gun crowd.  Read this story, and tell me this house not having a gun in it would have ended well??  Go ahead, I will wait.

You back?  Incredible, huh?  This is why I write stories and this is why I want everyone to carry a weapon. This could happen to anyone of us. One day it's a 18 year old mother of a baby, a recent widow at 18. Then days before, it's a kid and his older sister in their rural home. One day it was 21 minutes, the next it was over 15. The cops can not be everywhere.  Be prepared and able to defend your self and your loved ones.
Now our idiotic, deluded anti crime creeps will say there is no proof that anyone would have been hurt if they had let the crime occur. They will lie, mislead and attempt to dissuade you.  Don't fall for it.
Know the truth!
Updated with a story on the elderly taking care of business. 90 years old.  H/T to NFO


  1. Oh great, the goblin was 19. I guess the Bradys get to chalk him up as a childhood victim of gun violence.

  2. I think you are right, this will play into their dirty hands. What is a child of ONLY 19 doing with access to a Shotgun! Maybe they will have the kids taken from their parents?

    Great Post, Craig!

  3. And don't forget the elderly... sigh... TRUTH WILL win out!

  4. I was just typing something about an elderly couple!