Monday, February 27, 2012

Local Gun Hero

In my local paper, and only one town away!

A neighbor who witnessed the disturbance approached Cook with his own firearm and ordered him to drop the gun, Murray said. After repeated attempts to get Cook to comply, he eventually dropped the gun and ran away, police said.

I would call this a win!  No one was hurt, the cops were late and a armed licensed neighbor took care of business!!  Badges?  We don't need no stinkin' badges!!

Truth Defined!

Lost and Stolen follow up.  House Bill 1523.

"Local elected officials are not above the law, and I think it's arrogant and disrespectful of the citizens of this state when you have a local elected official who thinks they can pass any law they want willy-nilly," said state Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, a Butler County Republican who is the bill's prime sponsor.
Who doesn't believe this??  Think about Gay Marriage in some towns but not others, Motorcycle helmet laws in some towns and not others. There are many discrimination laws that these little Napoleon municipal leaders could decide to do, and actually do at times.  They hide behind quotes and toughness of, "If the State won't protect my residents, I will"! What those residents don't know is he/she has Qualified Immunity, they can not get in trouble for breaking the law in this case. They know the Sate preempts their law but they also know there is no penalty for ignoring the State oversight!
So all this law does is make local governments responsible for the laws they make if it impinges on a citizen with financial penalty, INDIVIDUAL financial penalty!  I bet, and feel free to challenge me to a fair bet, that if this Bill passes, these 30 municipalities will drop these bogus ordinances inside of 6 months.  Do I have any takers? 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Motorcycle Roadblock Followup

I know I was outraged when this was occurring in NY and then Georgia. Everyone who reads this blog knows how much I despise many, many laws and the nanny over stepping of the State of NY.
Let's set up a Road block to stop all Hybrids? Or maybe Pick ups? Vans?  No one would stand for it. But motorcycles?  Sure, stop them and inspect them for noise, inspections, helmet and anything else you want.  Now we have a valiant legislator who is attempting to write into law the discrimination of it all.  Isn't it a damn shame that this has to be written?

Motorcycle-only checkpoints have revved up concern in Congress, and wording was recently inserted into the House highway bill that would bar the U.S. Department of Transportation from providing grants to local or state governments for such discriminatory inspections.
The action arose over motorcycle-exclusive roadblocks set up in Georgia and New York under federal safety grants that single out motorcycles from four-wheeled traffic for police to check the bike and rider for proper paperwork, helmet, exhaust and equipment violations.
Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI), who sponsored H.R. 904 to ban federal funding of motorcycle-only checkpoints, applauded the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee for including his bill’s wording in their Feb. 1st mark-up of the transportation measure, saying; "It is encouraging to see that the transportation reauthorization bill will encourage more efficient use of taxpayer dollars and smart motorcycle safety policy."
"Motorcycle riders are right to be outraged at being singled out for safety inspections," added Rep Tom Petri (R-WI). "Nobody is suggesting flagging cars down for unscheduled inspections, and there's no good reason why motorcycles should be treated differently. It's unnecessarily intrusive, and not a smart way to use limited police resources.”

A Must Read

This is WIN!!

A gun control study that doesn’t consider whether the laws have any effect really doesn’t deserve much attention.
 Just when I say to myself why doesn't the NRA answer this ridiculous Brady State assignments?

Thanks NRA-ILA!  I needed that!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Suicide Truths! Sad But True?

Over at Boats and Bullets.  H/T to NLOGAM!!

 John catches a serious play on the suicide numbers. I added emphasis!
 Only 10% of suicide attempts are from guns? That is not what the anti gun crowd has been crowing for all the years I've been listening.
Did you catch that too?
Hemenway and Miller explain that firearms availability increases the risk of suicide for three reasons. First, "many suicidal acts -- one third to four fifths of all suicide attempts, according to studies -- are impulsive," with the vast majority of survivors waiting less than 1 hour between the decision to commit suicide and the attempt. Second, many suicide crises are temporary, which is why "more than 90% of people who survive a suicide attempt... do not go on to die by suicide." Third, guns are extremely lethal; "A suicide attempt with a firearm rarely affords a second chance. Attempts involving drugs or cutting, which account for more than 90% of all suicidal acts, prove fatal far less often."

Let's read that last sentence again... "Attempts involving drugs or cutting, which account for more than 90% of all suicidal acts, prove fatal far less often."   So guns are used less than 10% of the time... and they're the biggest problem? Interesting...

As the "Coffee Talk" lady used to say on SNL... "Talk amongst yourselves."
Me, talking amongst myself, says the anti gun folks are caught lying again!

Philly Robbery Story Becomes About the Cops

This story wouldn't have even made the newspaper if it weren't for the cops mistakes.

What I would like to bring to every women's attention is this tidbit all the way down in paragraph 3.
 According to police, 25-year-old Alexander Wade robbed a 37-year-old woman on a street in Southwest Philadelphia at about 7:30 a.m. Wednesday, reports the Daily News. Wade allegedly took $150 from the woman and then repeatedly pistol-whipped her and slammed her head against a near-by house, police say.
Emphasis above is mine!  Please, ladies, carry a weapon with you to protect yourself, please, please, please!  I like the world better with you in it, and I could be OK with less of guys like him NOT in it!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

I Hate New York!!

Read this twice if you have time!  Let me know if this story has you shaking your head over and over!

Why does this happen??  I can not believe the NRA, or Second Amendment Foundation(SAF) can not make use of one of these cases to destroy New Yorks "laws!"

I must be naive as hell, but it seems easy to prove they are breaking Federal law! Over and over with malice!

NICs or PICs

I'm a law abiding person, so I say save the money!

Critics maintain the PICS system is slow, costly, inefficient and redundant. The PICS system is notorious for weekend slowdowns in operation; this becomes especially troublesome for citizens and gun dealers during the holidays or gun show weekends.
By comparison, critics maintain the National Instant Check System Challenge procedure is well defined and straightforward.
 Seems like a no brainer to save the State money! With computer systems now a days, all this stuff would flow instantly, so the crap about stuff getting lost is moot!  The only argument would have to be about CONTROL!!! 

Animal Farm and New Jersey

A great story of NJ coincidence.  

I read Animal Farm in High School and again later in my life. I wish I had thought of this but it escaped me completely!  Last night I was going over a map of some carry law in states with someone I love, and she wanted to know  why all the States around us, NJ, NY, MD, DE, MASS, CT and RI were red.(No reciprocity on the map we were viewing) I tried to explain, but she smartly interjected, "We should be able to carry everywhere!" I beamed with pride at her response.

Wake up NJ.  Please recognize that I avoid your state as much as I can. I will no longer vacation there, or spend any money there if I can help it.  Please appreciate that I am writing this for you to read, and hope you understand that I am not alone. I am just telling you straight up. When I was a manager of a large firm, if I heard one serious complaint, I always recognized what I called the 7/11 rule. If one person complained about it, then 7 others agree and they will tell 11 others.  You do the math!

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Dead on arrival, but they keep coming.

Not allowing lawful carry of a weapon on Federal Park property doesn't stop anyone from bringing a gun there and shooting it. Get it through your thick heads anti gun people!  CRIMINALS do not pay attention to a law, or ordinance, or ban of any kind. Your thinking is so stupid it hurts my head!!

These DUMB democrats from States that consider us all slaves and helpless better get it through thee their pee size brain that we are free men and women!!

“Why anyone should need or be allowed to carry a loaded firearm in our national parks simply doesn’t occur to me.”McDermott a democrat from Washington State .

What business is it of yours? you nanny headed poop??  I decide what I need to protect me and my family, not you!!   Wake up and stop smoking weed.

What are the Laws?

Private Spy Drone?

An animal rights group flew a drone spy vehicle over a private gun clubs property. It was shot down. without laughing I would love to know what the aerial trespass laws are in regards to this. Now in my town, I know I am forbidden from shooting a firearm, since my property doesn't meet the code. (6 acres) But I'm thinking the gun range has some protection from spying, doesn't it?

Any lawyers care to comment?

Not the one used in story!

Friday, February 17, 2012

You Want To Say WIN???

Look at this Canadian WIN!!

I know why we have been winning here in the States, I always say we have truth on our side. Looks like our Northern neighbors in Canada have made some changes and actually used facts to make a major change in the laws.  Freedom is contagious and it spreads if given a chance. People need to keep telling the truth and debunking the lies that the other side have been fabulous at emotionalizing to their followers. Welcome back to my Canucks friends! I'm going to have a Molson ale to celebrate.

I'm Calling Bull S**T!!

True Life NY Bull S**T!!!

Let's get this story out there about New York Cities quagmire. If I, as a law abiding citizen licensed and NIC checked 3 times for 3 State licenses, forget that I carried a weapon into the city, I must LIE.

Yup, lie. Instead of asking for a safe place to store your weapon and attempting to be civil, just walk into any nearby police station and tell them you are turning in a weapon you found. You lose your weapon, but they give you 200 dollars and they ask you no questions.  Off you go Scott free!

Read that again.  Law abiding folks get possible 3.5 year jail sentence.  Criminal?  Walk a gun into any popo station and you are guaranteed anonymity and no prosecution and you are handed cash money! No name, no reason,  gun could be traced to a crime the criminal performed, but he walks out free as a bird.
I only have 1 thing that keeps coming into my mind when I read that, over and over.

WTF, Over?????

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Proof of Government Stupidity? 

No lie, it's real!!   Near Detroit!
Oh, and it's 40 regularly!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Voting is Cool!

Bitter at PAGunBlog posted this video and I loved it. So for the few of you that do not go to his site everyday, you should, and please enjoy it and make sure you are registered to vote! I am proud to say that I have never missed an election since my 18th birthday! 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Backing My Truck Up To Starbucks

So parking at Starbucks and backing in a truck like this that has NRA Life Member emblem on tail gate, Small NRA sticker on window and bigger NRA support sticker at center of window AND Tow Hitch cover that is Friends of NRA brass plug below MY Coast Guard license plate! Everyone walking out of Starbucks has to see it. Hopefully you quietly support our cause as I do!! 

Might be later in day for me as truck is getting inspected today!

Main Stream Media Lies AGAIN!!

OK, I said Main Stream Media, but it is MSNBC.

I love it when professional writes, like Bob Owens, breaks down a story and expels all the lies. The way some folks write a story, and then run to a corner and not respond or except comments on their stories!

We need to continue to break down the lies.  I always say that TRUTH is hard to argue, it either is, or it isn't true! 

Illinois Polls, "No Damn Way"

Including Democrats from the State.

Craziness continues in Illinois! How did this guy win ? 

Marine Refuses Deal On Gun Charges

My new hero!!!!

I am an old Coastie who makes it his job, as all of us Coasties must do, to bust on every Marine we ever come across. I am pretty sure it is a law buried in the UCMJ.(Uniformed Code of Military Justice)
But I stand here today and announce with absolutely no malice that this Marine, Ryan Jerome, will be exempt from any pronouncements by me as it relates to any mention of nastiness from my mouth or keyboard in regards to the United States Marines! I am also sending some money to his fund to support his position against the City of New York! 

Semper Fidelis! 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Madison Rising for 2nd Amendment

Keeping Rockers in my blog.  Madison Rising is a pretty good rock band in my personal opinion!

But while you are here looking at great rock bands that support the 2nd, stop in here .

Sunday, February 12, 2012

With A Boat No Less

Story I needed to share.

Nice to see a story where the rescue was done using a Coast Guard small boat! The helicopters get all the glory anymore. I am not anti helicopter, it nostalgic to see a boat rescue. When I was in it was all about boats, now more younger people see the Coast Guard as the helicopter rescue folks. (They are faster, and I respect them immensely)

Umpiring Update

Pitchers and Catchers report on 2/19. That is next weekend. Things for me on the umpiring front will pick up now! We have our first clinic on 3/9 and maybe a few more after that. It's always fun to teach coaches and dads the rules of baseball. Most of them have been fans there whole life and watching them get a true understanding of the rules is magical. How much they retain is up to them, but it helps to have 2 hours to teach. They always come up with funny hypothetical questions, most we have heard before.
Every year I tell them the number one thing they need to know is how to appeal a play. Kids miss touching bases every year. 1st base coaches and 3rd base coaches should be watching, but they don't, they watch the ball. Umpires watch the base and the ball. I know if the kid touches 99% of the time if I am doing a game alone, and 100% if 2 man teamed. Umpires are not watching the game for enjoyment, they are watching to enforce the rules.
What are the big things coaches need to know?
  1. Understand the Infield Fly rule. (Ordinary effort is the key to this)
  2. Obstruction rule. Defensive player do it all the time. Teach it.
  3. Interference in all of it's variations.
  4. One Offensive timeout an inning. 
  5. Don't call timeout as you walk onto the field. Wait to be granted.
Now so that we have some rules down, I feel obligated to share an ugly story on baseball umpiring. This is not at the Little League level, it is actually at the Professional level, or at least the want to be professional level. And umpire school in Florida needs to check the calendar and see this is 2012.
read about this disgrace here.  I was flabbergasted at the news. Feel free to comment.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Terrorist Identification Chart

Click to enlarge

Read the Frank Zappa Quote at the bottom.  I was a HUGE Frank Zappa fan.

Crying Wolf

Lancaster Mayor in the news today.

Simple thing is, his law is illegal, and he knows it. BUT, because of my biggest enemy, Qualified Immunity, he and his government can not be sued for not following the law.  So this bill allows citizens to sue a City, Township or Borough for the inconvenience of me getting busted for passing a illegal law.
This reminds me closely of the Myrtle Beach motorcycle helmet law in South Carolina. South Carolina knew it has jurisdiction of this law, but it could not stop Myrtle Beach from handing out oodles of tickets and fines for people inconvenienced by the local LEOs.  The State Supreme Court 3 years later over ruled the local rule, but the damage was done.

We, as legal law abiding licensed gun owners, already have to know the over 50,000 gun laws in the 50 States and Districts of the United States. NOW you would be required to know the laws of every individual township in each state? I think there are over 3000 municipalities in PA alone.

Think about the folks arrested in NY City lately, all licensed law abiding people, EXCEPT in nanny NYC. Now multiply that by 1000s. Anarchy?

Make sure you call/email your State rep and let them know how stupid this could be.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Jersey's BS Explained in Nice Detail

This explains a lot about how NJ got the way it is! It might take you a few minutes to read, but I had a light bulb moment after I read it. Worth reading through. We will wait a while for Shall Issue in that State.
That was still not enough for the supreme court. In what became known as Abbott IV, the judges declared Whitman’s plan unconstitutional and ordered the state to fund poor districts generously enough that their per-pupil spending would be the same as in the state’s wealthiest districts—which were among the richest in the nation. The court also ruled that the state had to pay for a menu of new social programs for kids in poor districts (now called “Abbott districts”).
There are some incredibly rich neighborhoods in the State.

The spending has depended, of course, on a massive redistribution of wealth, which has left many towns big losers.
Hopefully you know this is President Obama's plan?

 One thing is clear: somehow, New Jersey needs to rein in its judiciary if it hopes to get its house in order. The state will never be able to solve its fiscal problems until its highest court sticks to interpreting the law, not inventing it.
If it ignores the rulings of the SCOTUS, how is that interpretation?

Monday, February 6, 2012

A Frigging HUGE Yellow NERF Gun? Really California?

California Craziness continues.
Read slowly and laugh your ass off.

 Cardoza didn't know the details of when the game was going to be played, or why the students thought bringing even fake weapons to campus would be OK.
 Because they are not FAKE WEAPONS you moron!!  They are toys!!!!!!!!!!!

Way To Go Virginia!

One handgun a month law goes down !

This is a stupid law, and stupid laws need to be repealed. The 19 Senators that voted to keep it a law, should be acknowledged in next election!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Saturday Tickle

I was perusing the Internet and found something old that really took me back. I owned this Bazooka in the add below. It was cool as hell. My father won the Sacred Heart Church's weekly or monthly cash drawing and he and my mom spent a ton on us that Christmas. I used it mainly for messing my 2 older sisters hair. I didn't remember the name of it, I just called it a Bazooka.  I wore the damn hat, too! This is back in the days when our neighborhood teamed with kids all carry toy guns (without orange tips) and played army all day long. As we got older we switched to BB guns, then the screams of , "You missed me, were lessened."  Oh the shame...

Friday, February 3, 2012

Bad Cop, Worse Cop

I got this from Say UncleRead this and try not to vomit.

I truly love cops, I want everyone out there to know that. I, on the other hand, hate with all my passion and emotion BAD COPS!  I do not post this to get anyone angry at good, hard working police officers. They number in the 95% area by my count. I do have a problem with the GOOD cops covering up for the BAD ones.  It is my belief that most of the good ones know who the bad ones are, and because of the CODE they share, they say nothing, lie, cover up and deceive.

It has to stop.  People need to believe in law enforcement. Crap likes this makes people who don't think like me HATE cops.  The vast majority do not deserve that, but they need to clean their own house when it's needed.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy Valentines Day? Caffinated version

What are your plans for Valentines Day?  Nice night out with the person you love?  How about a quick stop into Starbucks?  Why?  Well it is a long story, but it is about freedom, and you know how much I love freedom.

Starbucks has chosen to NOT get involved in infringing the rights of it's customers and will serve you coffee even if you are legally carrying a gun. (Openly or Concealed if legal) The nasty, dare I say militant ultra left wing, anti gun group National Gun Victims Action Council (NGVAC) has declared that the world should boycott Starbucks on Feb. 14th, Valentines Day. This group is a wayyyyyyy left fringe of the already left of Mao Brady bunch with most of their members being Brady board members.

The ask is easy. Go to Starbucks.  Buy a drink of your choice. Buy a bag of coffee to spoil yourself. Before you leave, leave a 2 dollar bill in the tip jar. 2 dollar bill, for 2nd amendment support. Now that might mean going into your secret place and breaking out that hidden 2 dollar bill, or asking for one at your bank, or a bank. But it will send a loud and clear message.

This group of anti's has picked the fight, they want to do it with boycotts. We have to rise up and defeat the thinking of these folks so they know who they are up against. If we do, they will lose and lose HUGE. In Facebook count, the NGVAC had 140 people sign on, before they removed that dreary number from view.  I think in the same time period, the gun friendly Facebook Starbucks site drew over 4000 people. (I don't have a Facebook)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

When is the MAIG Convention? Or Brady Convention?

70+ days out and people are already anticipating a record crowd for the 4 day NRA convention in April. It runs the 12th to the 15th and is full of good times at every corner.

I did a cheap Google search for Brady Convention, Nothing.  I did see where the Brady Center gave the Brady's an achievement award last year. That's kind of funny. So they have 2 dinners and a soiree, since 2009.



Not A Big Fan of Emily

Emily Miller testified yesterday in front of the DC Council. Her testimony is in the article with the video if you have 20+ minutes to watch it.

I have a love/hate relationship with her. I love that she is writing about her travel through the, IMHO, illegal DC rigamarole, but I can't stand how much she is obviously enjoying her notoriety. I have seen her on Cam and Company on NRA news, I have read her story, and truly, she can be a little whiny to my ears. So lately I turn her off. She really can talk the balls off a brass monkey. She never shuts up.

So I'm not a big fan, flame me.  And if you watch the video, look how she talks to the idiot. She says, "It's only 3 rules," then admits after learning them, that she didn't follow them, playing right into the guys hands.  To much mouth and not enough head!

Hating on Bloomberg!!

Supposedly Billionaire extraordinaire. and Mayor of New York City. Mike Bloomberg is buying some advertising time on NBC this Sunday to taught his anti gun bullshit!  I don't have any problem with his spending his money on lies, and I respect his first amendment rights to do so. 

I truly think he is our worst nightmare. He is a army of one, with incredible deep pockets. I would have thought after all the bad publicity NYC received after locking up 4 people for gun violations that he wouldn't double down and call out his idealistic approach to gun ownership. He has partnered with his buddy the Mayor of Boston, Tom Menino, to use the NYC/NE Stupid bowl as the backdrop. Both are members of Bloomberg's MAIG, Mayor Against Illegal Guns. I have to openly admit he has HUGE balls to spend this money when the country overwhelmingly does not see guns as a major issue right now.  Law Abiding folks already go through a back ground check, but Bloomberg wants more, he wants to have all long guns registered and recorded. He is a crazy ideologue with incredibly deep pockets.
I hope that the NRA/SAF/GOA/JPFO and every other gun association in the country calls him out for what he is, and spends money accordingly to defeat every member of his crooked group.