Thursday, February 23, 2012

Animal Farm and New Jersey

A great story of NJ coincidence.  

I read Animal Farm in High School and again later in my life. I wish I had thought of this but it escaped me completely!  Last night I was going over a map of some carry law in states with someone I love, and she wanted to know  why all the States around us, NJ, NY, MD, DE, MASS, CT and RI were red.(No reciprocity on the map we were viewing) I tried to explain, but she smartly interjected, "We should be able to carry everywhere!" I beamed with pride at her response.

Wake up NJ.  Please recognize that I avoid your state as much as I can. I will no longer vacation there, or spend any money there if I can help it.  Please appreciate that I am writing this for you to read, and hope you understand that I am not alone. I am just telling you straight up. When I was a manager of a large firm, if I heard one serious complaint, I always recognized what I called the 7/11 rule. If one person complained about it, then 7 others agree and they will tell 11 others.  You do the math!


  1. Let me know when your friend is going to a Utah class. 4 carb gwing.

  2. Ok Ken, I will let you know when they are having one!