Thursday, February 9, 2012

Crying Wolf

Lancaster Mayor in the news today.

Simple thing is, his law is illegal, and he knows it. BUT, because of my biggest enemy, Qualified Immunity, he and his government can not be sued for not following the law.  So this bill allows citizens to sue a City, Township or Borough for the inconvenience of me getting busted for passing a illegal law.
This reminds me closely of the Myrtle Beach motorcycle helmet law in South Carolina. South Carolina knew it has jurisdiction of this law, but it could not stop Myrtle Beach from handing out oodles of tickets and fines for people inconvenienced by the local LEOs.  The State Supreme Court 3 years later over ruled the local rule, but the damage was done.

We, as legal law abiding licensed gun owners, already have to know the over 50,000 gun laws in the 50 States and Districts of the United States. NOW you would be required to know the laws of every individual township in each state? I think there are over 3000 municipalities in PA alone.

Think about the folks arrested in NY City lately, all licensed law abiding people, EXCEPT in nanny NYC. Now multiply that by 1000s. Anarchy?

Make sure you call/email your State rep and let them know how stupid this could be.

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