Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hating on Bloomberg!!

Supposedly Billionaire extraordinaire. and Mayor of New York City. Mike Bloomberg is buying some advertising time on NBC this Sunday to taught his anti gun bullshit!  I don't have any problem with his spending his money on lies, and I respect his first amendment rights to do so. 

I truly think he is our worst nightmare. He is a army of one, with incredible deep pockets. I would have thought after all the bad publicity NYC received after locking up 4 people for gun violations that he wouldn't double down and call out his idealistic approach to gun ownership. He has partnered with his buddy the Mayor of Boston, Tom Menino, to use the NYC/NE Stupid bowl as the backdrop. Both are members of Bloomberg's MAIG, Mayor Against Illegal Guns. I have to openly admit he has HUGE balls to spend this money when the country overwhelmingly does not see guns as a major issue right now.  Law Abiding folks already go through a back ground check, but Bloomberg wants more, he wants to have all long guns registered and recorded. He is a crazy ideologue with incredibly deep pockets.
I hope that the NRA/SAF/GOA/JPFO and every other gun association in the country calls him out for what he is, and spends money accordingly to defeat every member of his crooked group.

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