Friday, February 17, 2012

I'm Calling Bull S**T!!

True Life NY Bull S**T!!!

Let's get this story out there about New York Cities quagmire. If I, as a law abiding citizen licensed and NIC checked 3 times for 3 State licenses, forget that I carried a weapon into the city, I must LIE.

Yup, lie. Instead of asking for a safe place to store your weapon and attempting to be civil, just walk into any nearby police station and tell them you are turning in a weapon you found. You lose your weapon, but they give you 200 dollars and they ask you no questions.  Off you go Scott free!

Read that again.  Law abiding folks get possible 3.5 year jail sentence.  Criminal?  Walk a gun into any popo station and you are guaranteed anonymity and no prosecution and you are handed cash money! No name, no reason,  gun could be traced to a crime the criminal performed, but he walks out free as a bird.
I only have 1 thing that keeps coming into my mind when I read that, over and over.

WTF, Over?????

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