Saturday, February 25, 2012

Motorcycle Roadblock Followup

I know I was outraged when this was occurring in NY and then Georgia. Everyone who reads this blog knows how much I despise many, many laws and the nanny over stepping of the State of NY.
Let's set up a Road block to stop all Hybrids? Or maybe Pick ups? Vans?  No one would stand for it. But motorcycles?  Sure, stop them and inspect them for noise, inspections, helmet and anything else you want.  Now we have a valiant legislator who is attempting to write into law the discrimination of it all.  Isn't it a damn shame that this has to be written?

Motorcycle-only checkpoints have revved up concern in Congress, and wording was recently inserted into the House highway bill that would bar the U.S. Department of Transportation from providing grants to local or state governments for such discriminatory inspections.
The action arose over motorcycle-exclusive roadblocks set up in Georgia and New York under federal safety grants that single out motorcycles from four-wheeled traffic for police to check the bike and rider for proper paperwork, helmet, exhaust and equipment violations.
Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI), who sponsored H.R. 904 to ban federal funding of motorcycle-only checkpoints, applauded the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee for including his bill’s wording in their Feb. 1st mark-up of the transportation measure, saying; "It is encouraging to see that the transportation reauthorization bill will encourage more efficient use of taxpayer dollars and smart motorcycle safety policy."
"Motorcycle riders are right to be outraged at being singled out for safety inspections," added Rep Tom Petri (R-WI). "Nobody is suggesting flagging cars down for unscheduled inspections, and there's no good reason why motorcycles should be treated differently. It's unnecessarily intrusive, and not a smart way to use limited police resources.”

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