Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Jersey's BS Explained in Nice Detail

This explains a lot about how NJ got the way it is! It might take you a few minutes to read, but I had a light bulb moment after I read it. Worth reading through. We will wait a while for Shall Issue in that State.
That was still not enough for the supreme court. In what became known as Abbott IV, the judges declared Whitman’s plan unconstitutional and ordered the state to fund poor districts generously enough that their per-pupil spending would be the same as in the state’s wealthiest districts—which were among the richest in the nation. The court also ruled that the state had to pay for a menu of new social programs for kids in poor districts (now called “Abbott districts”).
There are some incredibly rich neighborhoods in the State.

The spending has depended, of course, on a massive redistribution of wealth, which has left many towns big losers.
Hopefully you know this is President Obama's plan?

 One thing is clear: somehow, New Jersey needs to rein in its judiciary if it hopes to get its house in order. The state will never be able to solve its fiscal problems until its highest court sticks to interpreting the law, not inventing it.
If it ignores the rulings of the SCOTUS, how is that interpretation?


  1. And now this bill about banning ammunition... sigh...

  2. They are incredibly and consistently stupid as hell, I agree!!!