Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Saturday Tickle

I was perusing the Internet and found something old that really took me back. I owned this Bazooka in the add below. It was cool as hell. My father won the Sacred Heart Church's weekly or monthly cash drawing and he and my mom spent a ton on us that Christmas. I used it mainly for messing my 2 older sisters hair. I didn't remember the name of it, I just called it a Bazooka.  I wore the damn hat, too! This is back in the days when our neighborhood teamed with kids all carry toy guns (without orange tips) and played army all day long. As we got older we switched to BB guns, then the screams of , "You missed me, were lessened."  Oh the shame...


  1. Hm... I don't remember that one, I may have already been into BB-guns :-) But yeah, you could screw with some hairdos with that one!

  2. My big brother had one of those. It certaily pissed off the cat.

    I'm still bummed it went to a nephew when he was done with it. I still wanted it.

  3. NFO, BBguns made a world of difference.

    Brigid, The cat, LOL.. I would so love to have this huge hunk of plastic. It was one cool tool for the time!