Saturday, February 18, 2012

What are the Laws?

Private Spy Drone?

An animal rights group flew a drone spy vehicle over a private gun clubs property. It was shot down. without laughing I would love to know what the aerial trespass laws are in regards to this. Now in my town, I know I am forbidden from shooting a firearm, since my property doesn't meet the code. (6 acres) But I'm thinking the gun range has some protection from spying, doesn't it?

Any lawyers care to comment?

Not the one used in story!


  1. Not a lawyer, but until late in 2015 most drones are limited to military and some federal agencies. I'm not sure what limitations or rules there are on private ones yet.

    Airspace is not protected by trespass laws, you own the land, not the air however it. HOWEVER, I wonder how the use of drones, by anti-hunting groups,could well tie in the hunter-harassament laws that protects legal hunting and protects hunters from disruptions?

    In my home state you can't intentionally make noise or create diversions that would otherwise scare game during hunting season to scare prey away from hunters.It's violation of federal law. I'd check with my DNR or fish and wildlife officers to ask. It might give you something to go on if it happens in the future.

  2. Good points all, but I have some history as an elected official, and I remember if a neighbors tree grows over your yard, it is declared an aerial trespass and you have the right to cut down any limbs that interdict into your property!

    It seems to me that at some height above my property I should have governess over?

    I would think if I flew a drone over a nudist camp, there would be some privacy protections in the law. That's why I asked!