Sunday, February 12, 2012

With A Boat No Less

Story I needed to share.

Nice to see a story where the rescue was done using a Coast Guard small boat! The helicopters get all the glory anymore. I am not anti helicopter, it nostalgic to see a boat rescue. When I was in it was all about boats, now more younger people see the Coast Guard as the helicopter rescue folks. (They are faster, and I respect them immensely)


  1. They ALWAYS do what needs to be done, and I have always had the highest respect for Coasties (even as we gave each other s**t for years)... Friend of mine is now Commandant, USCG District Alaska.

  2. And God we love to get s**t! Alaska is big ball turf!!

  3. And y'all do a pretty good job of giving it too... :-)