Wednesday, April 25, 2012


National Rifle Association Institute for Legislation Action.
Remember that as best you can for as long as you can. It is the political muscle of the NRA with all the rights and freedoms to represent us NRA members as a lobbying team.
Why do I mention it?  Because I have in the past mention how much MONTHLY money they get to fight for our freedoms. I also mention that in each monthly magazine you get from the NRA they list people who have named the NRA-ILA as "In Memory" contributors. People who die, or bequeath money to the organization. The totals are honestly astounding.

Let's review shall we?

From the American Rifleman May 2012 edition. In memory contributions were 12 people.(Total  $ collected not mentioned)
Then under that they have listed people who donate at least $1000 dollars in the month. 
Counting the over $1000.00 folks? 41 at over $1000.00 a piece.(Minimum was $41,000.00 for 1 month.)

THIS is why we win.  The Joyce Foundation, which supports the anti gun lobby, only donates about $250,000.00 a year to help the antis push their message.  OUR members alone, if I take the worst possible total for a year give over $500,000 IF I only include those donating over $1000,00. (Did you get that??)

So what's the big deal about it?  I just want you to know that you can send less than a monthly grand to them. They will take your check, or credit card number, or money order from you. I try to send them money every month! Some months more than others, but do not remember that it costs money to WIN!

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